ART: don’t do it for them,do it for you. If you are not ready to do it at all, then be patient,work on it some more in your mind,and know that it’s not time for it to be done yet, for you or for them.It’s yours though. Art is waiting. Don’ t give it away, you can’t ignore it,because it ,will ,eventually….., greet you, and then DO, you.

fences mended

“out mending personal fences you’ve let go asunder is no reason to feel guilty. A good fence keeps powerful things captured, or protects innocents from thieving intruders. Protecting yourself from being taken for granted in any situation allows others to approach the fence with a fair warning. I am common stock, yet valuable stock that desires mutual understanding and gratitude of opportunities given so freely. Some take notice others think that fences mend themselves. ” 8.15.14 f.messina

hurt people

“hurt people, hurt people.” don’t be too prideful to ask for help, instead of passing along anything less than happiness. For this moment, is all you need to be concerned with. Meaning, this moment is gone now, but now it is another moment. So find mindfullness of every moment, and make it a good one. oops did you mess that moment up with sadness.. no worries, here’s another one.

community unity.

“I’m a community man. I’m all about my neighbors, and preserving the culture around here, without always feeling I have to change the culture around here. I’m about doing what everyone around here is doing. Which is creating art, music, connections of positive folks. Those providing forward thinking diversions to occupy our days with joy in doing the things that make us happy. Celebrating Orlando as is. As it grows , as it learns in love. Each supporting each other. The only way in my book. If you have other goals than learning together, our paths may not cross. Yet I still cannot wait to see what you create. It makes us whole. It is what community “is”.” 7.31.18 f.messina

somewhere in between

I just had an epiphany somewhere in-between, and around listening to
my deceased friend Evan’s poetry, and delving my eyes on to my walls that are packed with local artwork, and my mind went to a very peaceful place. I thought, look at all this beauty I have surrounded myself with. Then I thought of what negativity the world is throwing out right now. Much more than that, the unkindness of other people. The harsh words to each other. I will not allow myself to follow suit. Nope. Thank you to all the creatives that have packed love in my direction, through their artistic endeavors. To form me, to prepare me, to teach me always. There is more to celebrate when self is shared. Love a local and their creations when at all possible! These are your angels sent here to nurture your spirit. We have so many here. It’s not just another container of pretty sounds in your ears, or some paint on a canvas in a frame, or words in a row, in a book. It is someone’s heart digitized, soaked in, pushed across. This is something to be celebrated, not be-rated, not judged, not pushed aside, not filed away, not stacked on a shelf.

All these things, hit me in different levels, and times in my life, when I least expected it. I know your songs are built that way, for you are the only one that could build them that way. All the good heart music is that way, like an onion,. different meal times, yield different meals, at different times, when your body does not even know it is starving. I know your painting is only laid in that frame like that, for you are the only one that saw that light mixed with hues and blues, in that way.
We all, in my world, have raised each other in love, of creativity. We all carry this past in us. All of us are breathing this present today. Memories together, we will cherish in the future.

Writing this I can’t help to think of how much I as a lover of creatives, do what i do, have done what I have done, mostly looking to connect with people. Things are not people. To share thoughts, to create memories, to make visions real. These are not just blocks of things on my walls, these are connected shadows of a man, that makes me whole.
f.messina (c)7.25.21

any band

where is the lead singer’s girlfriend, (outside smoking), the drummer’s best friend? (late always) , the band coming on next? (should be watching ,but they are not, they are in the back by the dumpster.. puff puff). , and if the parents are there (both parents) then they are back there in that safe spot with the higher good view.. but . if “mama” is there single, she is in the fans spot middle row, telling everyone who she is.. wearing a bedazzled jean jacket, and fringed white boots. (most times a straw white hat or something just as floppy and weird). , if dad is there alone, he is not telling anyone who he is, but he has the biggest camera, in everyone’s view, right in the middle of the push pit.. (kind of a jerk until he buys a lot of drinks for everyone after the set, usually the “bass player’s girlfriend and her two best friends are running the merch booth, the cousin from “michigan” or ” ohio” that comes to visit to see his cousin play? .. (that is the most fun person in the entire place).

embrace good muse

Faith built with a mother’s love. We all ,even the animals have it from birth.. Life can be destroyed by fire . yet flames lead to new beginnings. . Man has tried to harm what nature has championed, opening the new, and burying the old. Keeping the foolish muse away from the others that rob and not join, the bad muse live in crevices., smoldering, embrace. .In an instance history can be erased, but not ,forgotten. Creativity breaths new, with each dawn. .


If someone comes to you and asks for help, and you can help them, you’re supposed to help them. Why wouldn’t you? You have been put in the position somehow to be able to help this person. This should instill gratitude, not dismay. : f.messina 05/07/16

the leaf so fleeting

life is so mysterious and wonderful, and each moment is so fleeting , Changes come in an instant, All we have is “now” to make those memories that will be what people remember the most when we are gone. What a gift it is, when you just look at a fallen leaf on the ground, and what a shame it is to know that this too will be gone in an instant. replaced by another. We are seasonal also… we are a small piece of a larger puzzle, a beginning, an ending, a constant renewal and reminder of how great of a gift life is. A simple leaf?, or a universe of connection to real purpose?. Who has time for hate of anyone when this one leaf is here to admire and love this grand. -f.messina 12.17.19.

Sparrows fly by

when death is thrown on your doorstep, you realize how quick life goes by. friends come into your life as quick as sparrows fly by. some land in fields of plenty, grain for all, but not for your bounty or nourishment. Then there are certain friends that feed you from “one” grain of their yield. meaning., some friends hit you in the heart, and never quite win it, for they are different, they are course, they make you mad and stressed for they do not see the beauty in themselves that you see. Sometimes life gives you these people., and you ignore their cries for help. For they are so strong they scare the sparrows away. I had a friend like this. he’s gone. took himself out… why? no one will ever know. but this man, this friend, this artist , that shared his crops of plenty will never be replicated. never will another one of these come along. So…. what do we do with those we know?. that’s up to you.. I vow to do this.. To love them why they are here.. To tell them I love them. To treasure the time together.. sorry i was not there when you needed me. gone too soon….I am mad at myself for not being the friend you were wanting me to be.