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New Known- September 20th,2018

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be kind to each other. support each other. create good, and good comes around. Keep moving forward. Culture grows where open minds flourish. Tend to your own garden, but share the irrigation to feed the village. Share the happiness, endure the sad times, give when you have plenty. Be welcoming to new firestarters. Do not... Continue Reading →

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When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.

-it finally happened, woke up this morning thinking, what tragedy,travesty happened,or what troubled part of the world would be hurting today. I am a realist. I do not put my head in the sand when there is wrong being done to anyone. I am a hopeful peacekeeper, I am empathetic to others hurt. I am... Continue Reading →

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tin roof

the winds are thumping the tin roof so softly the kettle purrs back its soft refrain hiss of calm and all I can do is wonder if you are safe tonight safe in the arms of someone who held you as tight as I if those arms are not in place and if the calm... Continue Reading →



a lot of people appear to be alive but their eyes are dead, makes me wonder what made their heart so cold to reflect that nothingness. sad really. Says a lot about my own peepers. I am working on it. my happiness that is. wonder if this is the reason that a lot of people... Continue Reading →


7 year war

As we travel along life’s paths. Sometimes we don’t look left or right, or over our shoulder. We carry on with our journey,and travel with our innocence. How can the crossing of bullets fall. The injury. The injury which has already been experienced? A struggle for survival, a struggle for peace. Innocence lost. Inner war... Continue Reading →


razor’s edge

When love packs you in like snow from Northern skies, your heart intertwines with those that survive your smothering. Distant bells chime names of those thrown into the light from other’s darkness. We don’t have all the answers, we are not supposed to. Flowing on that fine razor’s edge, we balance the will be, with... Continue Reading →


Mud Seasons

I’ve learned that as much as we seek to avoid the bad things in our lives, the mud in our lives, we need that mud for what grows from it. Every time mud gets thrown into our lives it is a kind of a death, with new life, a resurrection waiting on the other side.... Continue Reading →



Everyone has ideas. Everyone chooses to share them with others or not. Those that keep their ideas to themselves, better their lives if they are good ideas, or sometimes harms themselves for they acted upon the bad ideas. Those that share their ideas with others as a result directly either help or harm others. Basically,... Continue Reading →


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