“certain native american, and other world cultures and ideaologies, believe that saving a man’s life, or doing good deeds in general are a person’s natural function in life, and they require no special reward. Charity in many parts of the world, means “justice”, that all men by nature are born with basic needs met.. Those that have, give, those that need receive. I live by this.. if you don’t.? our paths may never meet, our buisiness tables may not ever join, our planning sessions will never get past the opening mission statement.. This I have learned, and this I live by.. so who wants to get some work done?……… contact me…. my brain is on fire!!!

I am a student still..

breath and just know that you and what is inside of you, is unlike anything else anyone has. thinking of many good souls that I have known that couldn’t find a peace knowing that their lives were an important part of US all., and of all of our experiences together. I miss many great people , that made decisions that left those behind hurting, and questioning “why?” I am reflecting on a lot these days, I am keeping my anxiety down, and I am re-visiting a lot of my own words and thoughts. Listening to what my mind is telling, me, feeling what my heart is feeling inside me, embracing the warmth of where my soul is touching, Wrapped up in it all is “one man”.. I choose always to reflect what i am giving to others, partly for I feel I am undeserving to keep it all for myself, and partly for I think I have never fully realized all the gifts I have been given. Health, happiness, friends, hope, security, fun, love… many of those come and go. Knowing when to gather, and when to harvest all these is an intricate game of balance and bounty. Self-reflection is needed. some are experts at it.. I am still a student. Yet what I do know. I feel the need to teach. I hope some take my advice,and take some of the good in life I have to give. . I don’t want to loose anyone else. … partially in life, or fully. …………love the process of learning, and know that you don’t have to know everything, and it is okay to make mistakes, and it is okay to celebrate successes. I am here if anyone is ever in need… i mean it. 

i’m a…

“I’m a community man. I’m all about my neighbors, and preserving the culture around here, without always feeling I have to change the culture around here. I’m about doing what everyone around here is doing. Which is creating art, music, connections of positive folks. Those providing forward thinking diversions to occupy our days with joy in doing the things that make us happy. Celebrating Orlando as is. As it grows , as it learns in love. Each supporting each other. The only way in my book. If you have other goals than learning together, our paths may not cross. Yet I still cannot wait to see what you create. It makes us whole. It is what community “is”.” 7.31.18 f.messina

creating more means more than I think

I just had an epiphany somewhere in-between, and around listening to

my deceased friend Evan’s poetry, and delving my eyes on to my walls that are packed with local artwork, and my mind went to a very peaceful place. I thought, look at all this beauty I have surrounded myself with. Then I thought of what negativity the world is throwing out right now. Much more than that, the unkindness of other people. The harsh words to each other. I will not allow myself to follow suit. Nope. Thank you to all the creatives that have packed love in my direction, through their artistic endeavors. To form me, to prepare me, to teach me always. There is more to celebrate when self is shared. Love a local and their creations when at all possible! These are your angels sent here to nurture your spirit. We have so many here. It’s not just another container of pretty sounds in your ears, or some paint on a canvas in a frame, or words in a row, in a book. It is someone’s heart digitized, soaked in, pushed across. This is something to be celebrated, not be-rated, not judged, not pushed aside, not filed away, not stacked on a shelf.

All these things, hit me in different levels, and times in my life, when I least expected it. I know your songs are built that way, for you are the only one that could build them that way. All the good heart music is that way, like an onion,. different meal times, yield different meals, at different times, when your body does not even know it is starving. I know your painting is only laid in that frame like that, for you are the only one that saw that light mixed with hues and blues, in that way.

We all, in my world, have raised each other in love, of creativity. We all carry this past in us. All of us are breathing this present today. Memories together, we will cherish in the future.

Writing this I can’t help to think of how much I as a lover of creatives, do what i do, have done what I have done, mostly looking to connect with people. Things are not people. To share thoughts, to create memories, to make visions real. These are not just blocks of things on my walls, these are connected shadows of a man, that makes me whole.

f.messina (c)7.25.21

do it now.

Do it now, you are successful the moment you start., .. you all are fire starters.. It is an honor and privilege to see all the growth…….. I am humbled by words.. grateful to anyone that thinks I started anything.. thank you . but truth is… the foundation we are all building are here for our new eyes watching every move we make. you never know when you will be emulated…. so make it good, make it truthful, make it inspiring, and make it spectacular………………… we have one ride, one trip, one round around this place………… peace and love., (c) photo credit by Edward Seymour II

character traits.

“good character traits that impact your happiness.”

(how ya doing? Plant these into your mind for personal growth)

1. Integrity

2. Honesty

3. Loyalty

4. Respectfulness

5. Responsibility

6. Humility

7. Compassion

8. Fairness

9. Forgiveness

10. Authenticity

11. Courageousness

12. Generosity

13. Perseverance

14. Politeness

15. Kindness

16. Lovingness

17. Optimism

18. Reliability

19. Conscientiousness

20. Self-discipline

out of love

want to be a successful artist? work hard and don’t compare yourself to others, never settle, and become a “product”, keep your ego in check, respect others opinion of your art ( be happy they stopped to see your “life on canvas”). be bold, be true, stay focused, and do not get discouraged, the money will come when the heart is in it. Others will have an experience with your art, when your life experience and your love is expressed through your talent. Always take risks, don’t beat yourself up when you are not able to paint, because of life’s demands or financial woes. you are a gift to the world, and with that title you have a duty to keep the world educated of the beauty that is all around us. Most of all to be a successful artist…. know that you are already a success because you are a part of a tribe made out of love.

alone for now

You deserve to be loved. No matter what comparisons to other’s relationships you may put on yourself. Paying no mind to your decided short-comings or attachment to your single-ness, which you have comfortably relabeled as loneliness. You are perfect, just the way you are. If you are alone at the moment, this is the state you are supposed to be in for now. You are still a student of life, and another person would hinder that. No one can walk into your life and make you anything that you are not already. Setting up house, sharing the bills, the strife, the day to day grind is easier with someone. Yet, there is something to be said for living alone. Have patience, is what others say. The right one will come along. There is a time to have peace with that. Do not interpret this time, as you are missing out!. There is someone out there thinking they are missing out too.. When these two “sparks” of people,become full with self contentment. When the mirror is their friend. When cooking for one produces an award winning recipe. When these two paths meet, which they will. The union will be right. Two hearts brought together is a special thing. One heart, “yours” when it is so full of love for self, it will let you know when to connect and give to another. Never believe that you do not deserve to be loved. We all are made from love, creating it to give to others is the natural thing to do. it will happen. f.messina 7.5.22 



We are all being reset, by powers larger than us. If you are Christian, then you know who it is. IF YOU believe in other powers larger than you, they are asking for you to trust, their love for you. If you dont believe in anything but you, then believe yourself 100 percent,that the test we are being given, is truth looking in a mirror. , love being spread to those that want it. Souls being filled with, you., ,You are that special mixture you are searching for. It was in you all the while., here is the time to accept it, and move into position for your purpose. Your destiny.


so if about the only thing that can destroy this king of nature is a huge crack of lighting, and this tree has been standing tall, and strong way before me, and will be here standing tall after me. after my “short” life. then today, to make my stand, I think I will BE the.. lighting. This is how powerful I want to be today. Lighting. The power of you, is in all of us. Only one you. The choice to use that power is only in you. YOU are all the power you need. No one owns it but you. Silence that negative voice holding you back from releasing your power. now. Be the lighting, today.

f.messina 7.2.21