a new pair of socks!

 My friends are Debbie, John, Susan, Amir, Abdellah, Hans, Judy, Ian, Vinnie, Sadie, Mary Rose, Bobby, and Petie, and they always have a clean pair of socks every day I see them. This week has been tough, yet made easier by having so many beautiful people come through collecting essentials for others. I can not even comprehend what just happened in the last week. You all came in like rockets this year for Blanket Orlando. You all may not think it is huge “giving to others”, but I am here to tell you…. What is commonplace to you is an extraordinary thing for others. I took out on my adventure with the truck today. Truck is completely empty… I am not sure of the counts on all the things. But there was a LOT. The special call I put out for socks? Oh wow did we get some! This is where my story will end today, for I need sleep. I am “punch” “Drunk” from this entire week. Numb with happiness though, and Sore with gratitude. Thank you all so much. So as the lady walks up to the truck asking what was inside? I said brand new socks, jackets, blankets, Baby Diapers, Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, etc… She asked “socks?” I said yes, and she said “then “SIR?”,can I have a pair of socks?”..I said “mame” please do.take a few..!!..And this is when out of all 4 years of doing this… I found out why I started it… Of course to see what would happen with an idea to help others… of course to show others down on their luck some kindness… but the main thing was this… With all the unrest in the world. With people dying every day, with each day being a constant struggle to survive for others… This lady had to “ask for socks”… what…? “A clean pair of socks!” When all my friends Debbie, John, Susan, Amir, Abdellah, Hans, Judy, Ian, Vinnie, Sadie, Mary Rose, Bobby, and Petie all show up with a clean new pair of socks .. everyday.. Common to us, is not common to others. It’s not just about the best car, the best phone, the best house. It’s about having the brains to know that we are already so lucky just because we never have to “ask” for “socks”…. I am rambling… but I am here to tell you… this was an idea four years ago… and this has now become a “lifelong” part of my life. Could not do it without you all..I would be honored for you all to join me in the years to come. . Happy Thanksgiving, and THANK you. love, Frankie
november 26th, 2015 (thanksgiving)