giving is easy

story of this picture.. (not sure who took it just found it) Blanket Orlando ,2 years ago (year 4) at Lake Ivanhoe, well as we always do, We sit at the lake and every year we are amazed and grateful to see who shows up from anywhere to give. This girl shows up.. loaded down with about three huge bags of blankets and other things that she collected from her office.. She said they had just done it the couple days before, and if she had known earlier, she is sure her entire building would have put out boxes to collect,and she wold have had much more. As she is there. (I could see the nervous happiness in her face. Giving does this to you. A good feeling.) So as she is giving me all things she brought, she continues to tell me that her building is downtown Orlando, and every night that she walks to her car after work, she passes a church with a lot of homeless people sleeping and laying all over the sidewalks, and she always wonders what she can do for them… Well. of course my first thought was to say.. wow. YOU are doing it.. I asked her if she would like to take all the blankets that she brought back, put them in her trunk and every day give some out.. ( like we do).. she said NO! I couldn’t do that! kinda confusing to me.. So I said okay. well..I turned her around to let her see all the hundreds of blankets that were left by others.. I said., then why not empty your bags here.. and let’s pick out a hundred of these “other blankets” for you to pass out to the homeless you know of? I have never seen a happier person in my life!. She said YES! that would be so cool… yes, it is hard to follow how she could not take the blankets she brought.. I figured it is like this… The act of selfless giving.. is so large. that HER initial efforts had to be completed.. To really feel like she DID It… and then the process of getting other blankets that she picked out, gave her such joy.. US too!! . That little girl left with three bags full of blankets, just like she had showed up with.! ha! All of us were in tears for the act of giving was all around us.. I love the simple things that happen with this Blanket Orlando thing.. it really just takes small actions to bring great change.. thanks for reading all this..This picture means so much to me, I am pretty messy right now remembering the joy on that girls face….. I don’t know her, but I love her, and love you all that have helped Blanket Orlando continue to occur with such simplicity. Giving is easy.