Hey Inspiration!

Hey Inspiration! I hope when others let you down, you find your map of hope still laying on the ground. Picking it up, throwing it into the air. The world can be cold, the love may be scarce. Letting the cold in is okay, as long as you make sure it’s a warm breeze when it leaves. The warmth of your soul, pressing around your heart of love for yourself is trying to break free from the prison of the mind. Set it free. Not even stopping in purgatory. Breathe the life into everything you are given. Every capability, every talent, every dream. Inspiration brings me on this road every time I see how far the mass media wolves want to show how separate we are. I believe peace within ourselves brings peace toward others. I believe we are all the same. Inspirations of same dreaming individuals, all settling into the fact that we are all bound for the same ground. Destined to be in the stars once more. I see larger goals of unity, as those have seen in the past, and with hopes that future lives see them again. Hey Inspiration! you are okay. 

 f.messina 3.26.17