hurtful knee brings quick healing

thank you all again for all the concern and love. All the paperwork, meds, and by all accounts I should be sleeping. Not a wink. 5:26 am Reading all the love makes one really appreciate those that touch your life. I am not different than anyone else, yet man am I fine-tuned everyday that I am allowed to share this crazy sometimes harsh world with such beautiful and caring people. My grateful thanks is once again given to you all.. I sure hope that I can show my care for each and everyone of you as repayment,even if it is in small ways. So you know that I do not take this love lightly. I am not afraid to show my feelings. You all know that, and you all also know that I think it is a gift we are given just to have the opportunity to love one another as much as we can. It seems like everyone knows this in their own lives, some just seem to forget it at times.. I am a dreamer of us all making life easier for each other through kindness and love.. I see life through rose colored glasses, I see the glass as always full. ( if by water or air) both are gifts.. I believe that good attracts good, I believe WE all are the same. I trust that when all of our lives on this earth are ended. That we all will have a safe reunion with all our loved ones, and that eternity gives us the peace we helped create in our small times here on this fertile ground. We all are beautiful creations (like no other). To not live and use that beauty for good to me is not a waste like you would think, rather it’s an opportunity for those that don’t feel that way to work harder in filling the hurts of others with their “extra love weaponry” tarnished, yet still “attached” …. This fight we all win together, when we share our souls completely..We rise together through personal hardships, and in society’s difference in man made battles, when we see our similarities far outweigh our differences. what we live together daily, and what is portrayed on larger stages of communications are far different when we stop and see,support,and pass on the truth…………..(and this my friends is what we get with taking the hydrocodone exactly as the bottle says….
nov. 8th. 16