Let love find you.

 To sit quietly as the waves of lover’s day ripples out to distant shores,hearing the splatter of new waves wash upon our present dock,bringing with them hope,freshness,and new life. I wonder where they have been? Wonder what seeds are carried in them? Which ones will wash to our shores,cling to,dig in,and grow on our soil?.. What flowers will grow, and pollinate us one day?.. Which seeds will you harvest? There are two hearts out there waiting at half rhythms. Beating in your chest is one of them. Creating you stronger, with each beat, building a private you that has withstood the winter’s freeze,and the summer’s scorn. Dormant in December,bursting forth in the morning mist. This new wind coming to you is refreshing. Sit still and let love find you. It’s the lucky one.
f.messina 2.14.17