Mama Messina

Mama Messina (grandma) was real everyone. This is an immigrant that came to America at 13 years old married to my grandfather.. had a bunch of Italian children, ran a grocery store in the daytime, a honkytonk at night. Gave me quarters to play “San Antonio Rose by Bob Wills/Ray Price” on the juke box at close of the nights, and we would dance… Showed me that women are tough as nails, yet the most loving gifts in the world. (she ran the joint for 30 years alone,when pawpaw died), and taught me the way to get business done, and how to have FUN.. Yes that is her gun. It was her security. She was loved by so many. I think about her often, and smile about the stories. America is nothing but immigrants. All this talk of keeping anyone out from our beautiful shores and welcoming arms makes me ill, and makes me wonder if it is a disrespect to all the Women and Men like my grandmother that lived a life in an America that gave promise, family, security, and inclusion. I am a product as well as everyone these days of immigrants like these. I am hopeful for our present days that empathy and common sense prevail. People should not be defined by anything but their will and desire to live happy. No one should govern this. No one.