please accept some of the light I have found.

I keep thinking of how you think you are living a cubicle type life. Small bedroom, too much traffic, overworked, not able to get out in the scene as much as you would like. I’m here to tell you, your creative self is still alive and well. Maybe the light in you seems dim right now. Maybe, the doubts have overcome you a little. Maybe, you need your friend (me) to remind you once again. You are unique, you are special, and you are inspiring. You have to take another look in the mirror, throw that sad image a little smile. My friend, I finally figured out the largest thing you have taught me. You taught me to not be afraid of the dark, the unknown. Now I need to ask you this. Can you please accept some of the light that I have found? It’s time friend. The world is waiting for you, and you know it!
I didn’t mean to make little of the time you told me that I saved your life in Orlando. That’s just pretty big of a compliment to take. Yes I know you had some rough times when you were here, and I know I was a good friend to you, but that inner strength, that you possess, is what pulled you through. It’s in there, never forget that. You are off on a journey, I am proud to have been with you here. I feel blessed that you have passed in my life. I will be forever changed because of the impact you made in my life. I hope that you have learned a couple of things from me. Remember our good times; remember our crazy conversations, our times of pure laughter, freedom to be young, our daring actions, and our late night rants of world changing dreams. My future predictions for your greatness, then boldly telling you of my great plans for myself. All our rich nights, and the poor ones. Remember the beach, the waves, and the sun. Remember all the laughs, the tears. Remember when I got the nice apartment, then the way that I gave it up to get back to what I really need. I am going to break through with that dream one day. I hope you are there to see it.
It is going to be beautiful. I see it as beautiful now. I know you do too. I love you, my friend. I am not one of those friends, you will never see again. We are going to see the world. You are a golden friend to me. Your dreams are important to me. Do not let anyone take them from you. You just say “NO!” this is my dream, go get your own. I am better because I met you. You are going to conquer the world. I just know it. You know when you meet someone on a creative level, as we have, it is different. Whatever happens that bond will always be there. Things are happening very fast for us right now. In order to keep it together without cracking I may seem to be really spontaneous and unfocused to you, but I’m here to tell you. I find so much strength when I am challenged. With work and projects I am more focused than ever. You have a lot coming at you now too, and I believe in you and your abilities more than ever.
I asked you the other day what I could do to help you clear your head out. You really didn’t give me much of an answer, and I am okay with that, but if you need to know it one more time, although I have told you this since I met you. I am here for you, as an ear to listen, a friend to let off steam with, a fellow artist to create with. You inspire me. I am just now realizing the uniqueness of this new place I am painting blue, white, or whatever the color I am putting on the walls. What is more special to me right now is the fact that I have someone as fresh , and creative, and daring as I am to allow me to get the job done. I am asking you, to stop and remember this moment as that time in life, when you stood up to the challenge and took that first step in changing your life, living your dream. I know you are doing it alone, without my words. I want you to take a piece of advice from me. Just think about the job at hand. Not the future, now. It will be here before you know it. Thinking about all that will only confuse you right now. Leave your mark in this world friend. I would be proud to say I had some influence on your success. That would make me happy. I feel that is my role right now.
I have work to do now. Just had to write you these things as they were in my thoughts. It’s all so overwhelming right now, my anxiety to see my dream through. I’m going to remind you of something. I love independent thinkers. The entire APARTMENT E philosophy could be based on the fact that I love surrounding myself with strong people, and if the weaknesses of us all appear together, we can work it out. Through music, poetry, art, conversation, support, and friendship.
Friend, you came to me in my life when everything seemed to be coming to either a huge breakdown, or an even bigger breakthrough. I am having a breakthrough. The best one of my life. I am happy in this new place. You will be out of here before you know it, you have made an impact on my life, and dammit that’s what true friends are supposed to do.
Show your power always, frankie
f.messina © 3.5.17