Susan goes to the Circus

She knows how far the chairs will stack up. She knows when the clown will stick his foot in the bucket. The tightrope can shake, the poodle does tricks. When the big-top goes up, Susan cries just a bit.

Chipmunks and Elephants, Zebras and Snakes. They all know the little girl who has come to play. How much is that mister? Where did it go? All of her questions, nearly stop the show.

Then, when all three brothers, mom and dad in a row. Keep up the pace to end the night’s show. Susan screams with delight, and flips on the charm all the way home imitating the circus the rest of the night.

To the crowd’s sadness and wonder, suddenly all the music and lights are asunder.

When Susan is not around, the circus packs up, and moves to another town. When Susan is not around, the Big Tent hits the ground.

11.23.99 (for Susan Fields)