Morning Memory

When he came to, he didn’t recognize any other of the landscape that surrounded him. The grass was much greener, the trees much taller, and the sky’s blue was a turquoise unlike any he had ever seen.  The breeze was as cold as any, and he could not remember why he had worn a t-shirt, and torn jeans this time of year. The wind lazily found it’s way under, and through the untucked, wrinkled shirt, and through the holes of the faded over-sized jeans.

Every time you cry with me, each and every tear is a crystal in my hand. I hang them in the palace of my heart. Each and every time I see your eyes light up, with love for me. The light is reflected through your tears in my heart,until it shines in every corner of doubt in my soul. Your love lights the way, and it makes the nights on this road I call life as bright as the sun-kissed lonely days. Where before the reality of you. I had held the moonlight to the night wind to light my way. I know you’ve cried the same tears I’ve cried, and I know you’ve heard the same lies I’ve heard. About how their love will always stay, about how this is the real one this time. We’ve slow danced on air, shared words of loves lost, sad trials, and it’s despair.

You had let the tears hide the stars, and let time hide the scars.

Let me walk with you through your darkest night, and I will hold back the wind, with everything that I am, and ever will be. At times I falter, and let you down. Then I will go on learning. How to tame the winds,and everything that I do. So that you can dry your eyes and see. Me. See, me. As I help you let scars of the past begin to fade. The stars to the sky, I will have sent will hang like my own tears in your heart.

My dreams go down with you, because I’ve been there too.

Why do they feel cheated? Because of what you’ve done. Maybe you’ve cleared the clouds, so that we all may see the sun. Falling stars, and fading rainbows leave a little magic in everyone that sees. The happy times that you shared will always linger in those that believe. And all my tears go down with you, because when the clouds clear. The sky will be blue.