Solar Eclipse – august 21st,2017

hoping on the 21st as the entire world is looking up at the grandeur of our universe, that many will also look down deep and within our world,and make some changes.  realize how small many are acting in comparison to the grand scheme of our life’s purpose, and realize that our small window to make a difference in the world is just that, and then do what we can do to the best of our abilities to leave the world better than we found it. …… kindness for one another is not lost in my corner of the world this morning,and I am not wearing blinders to the overt racism, hatred for others, and devalued treasure of other’s lives. I am just remaining hopeful for all the children heading back to our diverse American schools where unity is around every corner. Where they are friends with “everyone.” I hope that they ( the children) can turn off the TV long enough in these times to realize that their futures together,do not have to mirror,and build on hateful actions and thoughts to learn and grow up as productive citizens. Is this the world we are leaving to our children.