Everyone has ideas. Everyone chooses to share them with others or not. Those that keep their ideas to themselves, better their lives if they are good ideas, or sometimes harms themselves for they acted upon the bad ideas. Those that share their ideas with others as a result directly either help or harm others. Basically, I see it as this. It’s your choice to be a good person with a good or bad idea, a bad person with a good or bad idea, a person that shares your ideas with no one for you want to be the best person you are, and that is fine. Others choose to share their ideas to impact their community. Both of these choices are yours. Both are positive, and affirmative. Your ideas are internal gifts for yourself and/or others. Be involved with others, be engaging and fearless in your approach to your daily life. We only get one life to enjoy. Everyone is different. We all make choices daily to live fully or not. We all make choices to escape, relax, or negate living on purpose daily. I wish you full life,daily. There are struggles, but you are built with the tools and strength to overcome them. Keep the faith that you are holding a mixture of power that only you can unlock. Each morning be grateful for life itself.
f.messina 11.6.17