the Smell of Swollen Particle Board

Even though the rain has gone and skies are blue again, there is an after that remains to be seen, a now that digs into the true grit of your work ethnic. The time that you will see who comes to your aid, the ones in your life that holds you up when your legs have tired of holding you vertical . Mother nature told you to run, she cleared out the valley, filled up the beds of rivers set deep with waters from a half way across the globe. Sister Laura lost her homework, uncle Joe’s truck has been destroyed, yet material things can be replaced, hearts mend through time. The turning of the globe brings happiness to wet rafters.. wondering how many folks have never been through a flood disaster, or sifted through mud to find the leftover thereafter. have you ever been downwind to swollen particle board? if so then you know the pain of losing it all, and then gaining faith in others to hold it together, and strength in yourself to rebuild from within . The you that’s been tested. Treasure the dry, the light, the comfort. The power, the safety, the high and dry life of now…. and the love of others to help you clear sadness, like fallen limbs, and broken road closures.. Life gives community reminders that we are so small alone, much larger together…….. ( thinking of those hurting from Florence, be strong, this too shall pass. F. Messina 9.18.18