In my solitude

In my solitude times from my self induced busy life, I often times replay benchmark moments that really make me proud, I remember things that people have said to me along my journey that were positive or inspirational to my purpose. Always searching for that. I am closest to finding out what that is when I live truly open to life. I open myself up to the world wide as I can, I place myself many times as close as I can to a creative and their passions. I am careful to stay out of the way, but remain on the sideline as basically a support, a fan, a cheerleader. I DO get in real close, and give support. I believe that when you are in the presence of true creativity, there is a buzz that happens to all involved. Someone gave me the best compliment I may ever have recently,. I only repeat it here, not out of “vain-ness”, yet out of great pride and gratitude.. This artist was at an art show once, I am not sure if it was his first art show., but many years later, this person wrote to me, and told me “you made me feel like somebody, when I felt like nobody.” (and here come the waterworks.) .Not sure if there is any better thing you can say to someone that just runs so hard all the time, never really stopping to analyze all the ripples that the arts supply in social situations., and one that often times puts himself second. I never make resolutions much, yet I have one this year. To cheer from the sidelines, at my own race more. to complete more things, and to live more in my own skin.To make it happen. To get a round to it. I thank you all for your friendship, and support. WE all need each other. Life is meant to be shared. The most meaningful thing you can tell me as an arts pusher is that I mattered to someone or made them feel better in a situation, or that they began a healing from something that I have said or done. I am grateful, from my core.