it’s my heart

..I’m constantly working on my heart, for most times I have found myself to be down or questioning,doubting, or just anxiety ridden or at unrest.. I usually find out that it is my heart that has something not ticking right in it. How? do I know it’s my heart, and not my brain, or just the melancholy wind that blows through on chilly silent nights. I know it is my heart, because there is an echo of searching in it. This spot not filled seems to keep me moving toward a goal of :trying to be”. which I am not foreign to. in all honestly with myself, these are the times when I know that I don’t have all the answers. Not afraid to be vulnerable. just not afraid of the outcome. Those that never feel their true heart and where it is at. Will as in my case never know what solutions are possible to fill the void. Temporary distractions are just that.. fleeting. hopeful still.. all good must come from a content heart, no matter how full. Be content in what you are dealt. Waiting to be full in all ways, waste time that could be spent on healing a hurting world. This is what makes us a part of our human experience. Each doing what they can. With what they are given.