since 1993… i am here to tell you.. I am living proof. Dreams are forever… I just realized I have been expressing Apartment E.. in oh so simple ways for 27 years… in counting, and I am still so inspired and hopeful for the original mission. “all that is not given, is lost”. To just give, for you to not be afraid to give, to encourage you to live your passions. Even this simple idea to make recycled business cards.. today.. fills me with joy .I think that means, I am living my passion on purpose, on my terms of humility, and with true integrity, and that makes me proud. Some days, you build mansions, some days you nail one tiny nail. To have pride in whatever you do in life, I think is a key to being happy. If you are not happy, I hope you find it. you deserve it, and it is attainable…your “Apartment E” is waiting.. go for the gold. my friends.. The world needs what you have to give.. ! 9.24.20