Stories told around home fires, memories of how, when, and where. Tales from others I still remember. Hiding under blankets, yet still listening. It’s important to tell your story, for when you tell your story you find your inner voice. When your inner voice flows out, your soul breathes your unique impression into life. If you tell your story, and listen to stories from others then we all continue moving forward into a place of peace, and timely order and truth. Passersby used to nod, and ask what’s up? Then answer each other. Now, no eye contact, no greeting, no so long, no see you soon. Seems we have been finding ways to not hear each other’s stories for a while now. So tell me a story next time I see you, I’ll be listening. Holding hope, and faith in our ability to still find warmth of that fire, and serenity of place, of home, of heart. Hope for us all, as one, lay in our stories from our hearts, not tales of how we were pulled apart, but how we came together.. 9.28.20