the hopeful seeker

who’s eyes will set your heart to flutter, could they be mine? those may ask, when harvest comes round, why leaves turn brown, when there is no sound. they just do. each morn the sun rises no one pushes him up, light just rolls and shines through dawn’s blue line, it just does. as friends die and say so long, no one told the heart to stop. time to leave, in body alone, a farewell for some, not always a goodbye. they just do. babies born to cheers and elation, there is no secret to life’s grand creation, they just are. So who’s eyes will set your heart to flutter, and could they be mine.? surely this heart, built with fragments, scars, reaching for that one. may never meet it’s other. yet not one emotion chains it down, no, not one holds it to smother. love harvested, and in the right season, yields crops of plenty, love will fill the hopeful seeker, a heart found, just laying on the ground . why? it just will.