a story

“so.. real talk.. the news reported yesterday that a pedestrian was struck and killed by an Amtrak train in an apparent suicide. well they were right about that.. but not sure if they know the real reason he jumped in front of the train ending his life.. …………… here is the rest of the story…….. the man was a homeless guy that was one of four friends that have been on the street for a few weeks.. they were called the “fantastic four”.. they had become great friends on the street.. all helping each other with day to day survival. .. the man killed had been getting paid in food.(subs) for working around and doing jobs like dumping the trash and things at the 7-11 on 50 and edgewater, well after doing some hard work for most of the day, 7-11 only gave him a small sandwich when they had promised a large one. Then as he was at the lake trying to eat it,(they usually hang out at the kinder care near there), the Police started running them away from the lake., the man had just had enough. just trying to eat his sandwich at the lake in peace. He told his friends ( one that I know , and where this story came from. one of the fantastic four) that he was tired of getting pushed out of shelters for he has no ID, and he had just had enough.. He told them goodbye, and walked straight to the tracks and then jumped right in front of the train.. They all saw it happen. Their friend killed in front of their eyes.. So if you think that your life is bad.. Think about this guy.. at his wits and life’s end. Our Blanket Orlando project is no guarantee that it will prevent a homeless man from killing himself. I know that it will though show love and care to people on the streets that are going through a bad thing.. ( no blame on anyone).. just the fact that they are there. CARE and warmth, and listening to these people will help… and in small ways I believe our small efforts will help. We are not another “authority” group..or person.. pointing a finger at them giving them rules.. We are brothers and sisters letting them know.. WE care… can’t cure your situation, but we can help you think better, with a new pair of socks, shoes, and warm clothes and blankets. and maybe ,just maybe. one person could get in the “right” brain to take control,pull himself up, and realize that we are all the same.. and we all have a universal right to LIVE, to breath, to love, and to be loved. Maybe we can help with our gifts put a smile of confidence on some faces… every little bit helps. thanks for reading.”