Sparrows fly by

when death is thrown on your doorstep, you realize how quick life goes by. friends come into your life as quick as sparrows fly by. some land in fields of plenty, grain for all, but not for your bounty or nourishment. Then there are certain friends that feed you from “one” grain of their yield. meaning., some friends hit you in the heart, and never quite win it, for they are different, they are course, they make you mad and stressed for they do not see the beauty in themselves that you see. Sometimes life gives you these people., and you ignore their cries for help. For they are so strong they scare the sparrows away. I had a friend like this. he’s gone. took himself out… why? no one will ever know. but this man, this friend, this artist , that shared his crops of plenty will never be replicated. never will another one of these come along. So…. what do we do with those we know?. that’s up to you.. I vow to do this.. To love them why they are here.. To tell them I love them. To treasure the time together.. sorry i was not there when you needed me. gone too soon….I am mad at myself for not being the friend you were wanting me to be.