any band

where is the lead singer’s girlfriend, (outside smoking), the drummer’s best friend? (late always) , the band coming on next? (should be watching ,but they are not, they are in the back by the dumpster.. puff puff). , and if the parents are there (both parents) then they are back there in that safe spot with the higher good view.. but . if “mama” is there single, she is in the fans spot middle row, telling everyone who she is.. wearing a bedazzled jean jacket, and fringed white boots. (most times a straw white hat or something just as floppy and weird). , if dad is there alone, he is not telling anyone who he is, but he has the biggest camera, in everyone’s view, right in the middle of the push pit.. (kind of a jerk until he buys a lot of drinks for everyone after the set, usually the “bass player’s girlfriend and her two best friends are running the merch booth, the cousin from “michigan” or ” ohio” that comes to visit to see his cousin play? .. (that is the most fun person in the entire place).