my favorite Christmas poem.

“across the windows of my mind some memory spreads like crystal fingers etched on icy pane in frozen, silver dawns, slim silvered parts of shimmered light, of past, of gones.
yesterday , again, like last December. a million robins came, fluttering, chirping, through green pine, dark rain: a new thing., this ,their journey South, not last year’s song. no. “Now” the robin’s song, earthbound chorus on wintry lawn. What , then this memory, spread like shimmered light on cold dew dawn? A Christmas gone with faces all intact? no “Now” the robin’s song, skybound chorus. in silver dawn. .. This Christmas , now, untried, ,like robins’ journey South, will make it’s memories new. Beside the kitchen’s door red cactus blooms: camellia .too. unfolds like summer rose,in wine pink hue. I will light my fire, the candles, for you. Come home. Today the robin’s go southward, away: the hushed.,still holds a silent prayer of peace, good will,lingering there, where tired, brave wings, just yesterday, paused on winter lawn, singing their now “now” song.”