Hello Reflection, My Ole friend

Hello Reflection, My Ole friend.

You say you are lonely, you say you are blue, you say your best times have blown through with the Florida winds on crisp morning’s dew.

Maybe doubts of reaching fresh dreams, have overcome your thoughts of growing closer to turning that stone over, showing yourself the new.

Let me remind you, my reflection, my ole friend.

You are unique, you are inspiring, you have a treasure the young do not. When you move, truth is all people see. You are on a journey of discovery still. Remember the rich nights, and all those poor mornings.

You are determined gold, and you are rooted infinity. You are what winds whisper to fellow breezes, when they are the only ones rushing the hill.

You are that ripple on the shore, you are that crackling in the forest of ice encased leaves. You leave shadows on places, that long for your return, for they know this is not your last pass near the garden gates.

You give nightbird’s songs the sweet tune of forever. Do not allow anyone to take your struggles from your tightened grasp. Be Bolder. You say, “no!”. “These are mine”. Wait for your own. This is my moment of real learning. Don’t disturb my pain and I, now that we got here first. It’s the next thing that’s all mine. Alone. My tasks in time, is set for my mind. My happiness is there, my joy still abundant, my body still able. I see you, reflection of joy to still come out and play.

I see you.

Hello Reflection, My Ole friend.