brings me home

Every day brings me home in this mind and body, with all it’s flaws. Each day, my breath however labored, still keeps me yearning. My mind pondering on fine details, adds to our house together. People pass through, some move on to higher places, others move on and away from us on this plain. You and I dwell together at times in the same house of sorts. We end up being in the unfinished house of the now. The joy is in the building. I am grateful for all that have given Apartment E fuel, and for all the incredible memories that are planted into my heart forever. Love abides where open hearts thrive. It’s pretty hard work building simplicity with style. This is where “new” growth is planted. New friendships, new connections, when self awareness and inner desires are heard with the most clarity . Arts and Music voiced with grace. This is what I hope my project has fertilized. It’s all I have ever wanted for it really. Mission accomplished. thank you. 4.17.17