Birthday wishes gratitude

Speechless over all the messages of love. I Hit my restart button this week,with nothing short of gratitude and humbleness at my favorite spot for the . We , all of us, have breath, this moment to be positive or negative. TO be a force of kindness,or something less than that. Center yourself. Really center yourself at all cost,however you need to do it. . YOU are destined for happiness, you are here for a reason. I REFUSE to follow any one, any thing, any action, any idea, any AGENDA, or any greedy motive. IF I AM NOT invested in knowing it will make ME a little closer to the WHY i am still here. And… as long as i am here. I WILL be GRATEFUL for every waking moment. I HONOR the gift of all your friendships,near and far, past and present. WHEW, how the good times and memories flood me! Thank you for taking a moment out of your time to wish me well this week. Peace and love,everyone. Be kind to everyone you meet, push others Up not down. Thanks…, just me.