alone for now

You deserve to be loved. No matter what comparisons to other’s relationships you may put on yourself. Paying no mind to your decided short-comings or attachment to your single-ness, which you have comfortably relabeled as loneliness. You are perfect, just the way you are. If you are alone at the moment, this is the state you are supposed to be in for now. You are still a student of life, and another person would hinder that. No one can walk into your life and make you anything that you are not already. Setting up house, sharing the bills, the strife, the day to day grind is easier with someone. Yet, there is something to be said for living alone. Have patience, is what others say. The right one will come along. There is a time to have peace with that. Do not interpret this time, as you are missing out!. There is someone out there thinking they are missing out too.. When these two “sparks” of people,become full with self contentment. When the mirror is their friend. When cooking for one produces an award winning recipe. When these two paths meet, which they will. The union will be right. Two hearts brought together is a special thing. One heart, “yours” when it is so full of love for self, it will let you know when to connect and give to another. Never believe that you do not deserve to be loved. We all are made from love, creating it to give to others is the natural thing to do. it will happen. f.messina 7.5.22