I am a student still..

breath and just know that you and what is inside of you, is unlike anything else anyone has. thinking of many good souls that I have known that couldn’t find a peace knowing that their lives were an important part of US all., and of all of our experiences together. I miss many great people , that made decisions that left those behind hurting, and questioning “why?” I am reflecting on a lot these days, I am keeping my anxiety down, and I am re-visiting a lot of my own words and thoughts. Listening to what my mind is telling, me, feeling what my heart is feeling inside me, embracing the warmth of where my soul is touching, Wrapped up in it all is “one man”.. I choose always to reflect what i am giving to others, partly for I feel I am undeserving to keep it all for myself, and partly for I think I have never fully realized all the gifts I have been given. Health, happiness, friends, hope, security, fun, love… many of those come and go. Knowing when to gather, and when to harvest all these is an intricate game of balance and bounty. Self-reflection is needed. some are experts at it.. I am still a student. Yet what I do know. I feel the need to teach. I hope some take my advice,and take some of the good in life I have to give. . I don’t want to loose anyone else. … partially in life, or fully. …………love the process of learning, and know that you don’t have to know everything, and it is okay to make mistakes, and it is okay to celebrate successes. I am here if anyone is ever in need… i mean it.