usually i post this on my Mom’s birthday.. but today I am posting it on the 25th anniversary of her passing.. Why I am posting this to facebook,? well. because this is for sure the greatest loss in my life. I realized that I have been in mourning for 25 years.. and probably will be till the end of my life. Well. been thinking all day.. Well. “frankie!” how about this?. how about you live as happy as you can from here on out, when you think of mom..? This lady was one of the kindest, most fair, fun, caring, loving humans that anyone would want to have been in life with. I am only a chip off her. for sure. This is really not, about me. though, this is about YOU. It is about you, turning your sadness over your lost ones, into a happier life for yourself. It is going to be hard for me to change my sadness to happiness when days like this come along. but in reality. this is the largest wish I am sure she would want for me. As your loved ones would want for you. . So much sadness in the world right now, over things I cannot change. What I can change is MY attitude.. No I am not throwing rainbows, glitter, and sunshine, into the air, and choke out my sadness. I am giving my happiness a breathe and dance around in MY LIFE., when for the last 25, I have beaten it down, for respect for mom. I am inviting joy in, this year.. giving it coffee, and I might sing it a tune or two..or dance with it on the couch.. That would make mama happy about now.. yes. I think it would… dance mama dance!..