911 memory

8:46 am and 9:03 . in reflection. remembering how all of America “united” in pride of the country’s response after the shock and pain. The flags waving in love of a hurting country from hate. Enough I say. Peace in my world,as I see it, starts with us. In what we can control. You and I can claim it now. Create peace in your community first, spread it around . “wave” peace around like WE all waved the red, white and blue 21 years ago. remember? many of you don’t, many of you have opinions on a day, that you have only researched, or feed to. ask your parents!.it was an aweful feeling. Took the wind out of us all. Learn why this day is so important. It could happen again, and my hope is that your America you live “today” heals any perceived divisions being amplified through the masses<, case it does. I know, personally, you “see” peace between your friends of different races, backgrounds, etc. You see it through your music, your art, your teams, your classmates, your friends. The youth will have to stand up here! Take back “one” America.. and teach peace to others. (even your elders) . You have that power. You have that given to you. Wave your peaceful life today! proudly. and teach it.. my thoughts are with all my military buddies that protected, and protect our country, and with all those that lost personal family and friends to a machine and a day of hate symbolized let love and peace today be the largest thing you see.