Apartment E (30)

so many years. the “E” has led me into some incredible moments, introduced me to some incredible friends, gave me confidence that dreams are real, that nothing is impossible, for everyone in action is amazing, in letting their voice out is vital, yet also learning that “that” that is not expressed, or spoken, is even more special in times that it is not shared. Maybe some moved forward without telling me. Maybe they inspired others from just being in the room, giving the attention, listening instead of talking, being behind the spotlight and not in it. . Completing the sentence ,even if it was their own words coming from deep within. The song not heard, is still a song. Never doubt your self worth. A reflection in an E is simple to some… to me it landed me in countless worlds of creativity , I can never repay. How blessed am I. I will never take it for granted. On the other side, people may smile one day of a memory. looking back. i do. Dreams are meant to be held up to ourselves until they become a part of us.. Never stop reaching for them… never stop looking for more.. never. give up.. 10.5.21