fly now

we are in full swing now.! bring on the fat man in red, fill my stocking with coal, ground my sleigh, keep all the wealth you want, all I want is your truth, your passion, your love, your friendship, your unwavering independence of self, and your confidence. Your presence of mind, to keep dreaming your dream of being a better human than you were yesterday. Helping others when you can, and not bringing those around you down, to your unhealthy need for attention and praise. BE a light, in a world that insist on being left in the dark. For in the dark, there is safety in self pity. In the light, there is the truth, the raw, unfiltered, brave, whole, lonely, truth. No time like now, to let all those ties that have held you down, fall off, and you will find out, all the while, your wings were simply pinned down. Just not being used. That’s all. Oh yea, we all have them…. some use them in life. Some never open theirs. good luck in your new discovery, and your new flight! f.messina 11.30.22