April 24, 2016  · 

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I can name 6-7 people that made me see Orlando as a real art community when I landed here in the early 90’s..and made me want to stay to see more grow…… through the dark corners, hot warehouses, foamy crappy beer, smokey clubs,risky art shows, no good lighting ,no good sound, new bands flat out playing to no one, or getting lifted off the floor by a crushing crowd rushing the stage to a packed house. … there is a unique one missing, that was always in the corner with his sketchpad or the nearest bar napkin.. Morgan Steel acted like he didn’t give a crap about anything,only to make you work harder , but deep down cared more than anyone in the room cuz he knew we were all creating something new. Bored always with niceness, or pretentiousness, yet one of the smartest most beautiful creators I think I have ever met….or ever will….. this is not fair, and unbelievable. Wake me when 2016 has moved on to others.. we have had enough. Take care of yourselves. no one is alone tonight with this tragedy. no one, that knew the greatness that was Morgan.