Grace happens

Grace happens,

where peace and patience find each other in hard, troubled times. Cheers to healing old wounds, renewing positive friendships, letting the toxic ones go, and rising up on the other side of 2022 with all the exact things you need packed in near perfect precision. In hopes that foe will stay on distant shores, and friend will folly in clovers of your own. Throwing seeds of life into crevices darkened for years. This time we win, this time we know the true path home. Now, know where your center of happiness is, by looking inside and knowing that there is no one else like you that can give your gifts to the world. Finding purpose in uncovering the beauty of your every breath. Let the negative people go. You may miss them, but your hold on them are holding you back.

Lead your dreams over the hill, guide your greatest passion to it’s true space, no matter how large, and heavy it is, or how small you feel at times. You have the power to be happy,through love of yourself. You are able. It is your time. There is no time like now.

All that Is not given, is lost. Peace all. You are beautiful! Be you! Be kind, be present with your giving, your beauty, your ability to give and receive love, which builds peace for everyone, and the world.

– f.messina (new year’s eve 2023)