cold air blows

cold air blows in warm memories. Remember that time we walked through the woods back of the house, trying to see how far we could go to be away from all the people and the distant roar of the highway, and horns. I reached for your hand to help you leap over the frozen trench, and when we landed both feet safe with a crunch of ice, you also stole a bunch of my frozen heart. I just can’t forget that first kiss, in the cold fading sunlight. In the woods that day, no one else, was on the face of the earth, and in the space of our new found love. I hope someone is warmed tonight by your fire in your eyes that I fell into as we opened them back up in a firestorm of new emotions. I wonder if you remember that walk in the woods as I do. . It haunts me, yet I welcome it. One day it may return, with another. Next time I will know where the trail should end, and never let you go. cold air blows in warm memories.