music is life

just when you think you ran fast enough, just when you think the race is won, you meet up with sprinters, ones knowing their game, the top line of the music chain, the longing of others to catch up with your game. Running to catch up , you trip on new friends,,, then something clicks inside that gives you hope for new notes, new melodies ,new beats,. New strums of a guitar that speaks only when poked. In lovely new songs, in banter and smiles, in getting the sound right, and giving it all.. In shaking hands of a new band on a break, and knowing those hands just caused verses to sound great. I only wish to be giving my support,my role is small it is of a loving new fan. one man on a wed, stopping in for one, then getting much more, avoiding the conflict, putting rest the hurt. Run Raquel gave me reasons to filter the bad parts of the day……. and it was nice to hear them, under a harvest moon, giving a cool city, some bright shining solution…. to what is right in front of your faces.. …. (written after seeing another great set of live music at The Imperial… this time Run Raquel) f.messina (c) 6.13.18