bad art show memory

grateful for so many nice photos of the show.. this one of new friend and artist Raychel Tamron Lynn has me really happy.. this “shot”is the reason for all the hard work done by not only me but all my incredible friends that helped us pull it off.. “Happy Artist” More , I feel that art is our chance in life to escape to other places. I prefer those other places to bring joy, support, and love for what you do, by being not afraid to show your true emotions. I strive always to create environments that are not hostile, and mean spirited.. It is sad that others think that in order to make an impact your have to be harsh too.. That may work in business, and the “Cold” world of 9-5.. when we are all in “Survival mode” ( we all have our bills and common problems) Some think that I am too positive always.. well I am just being REAL and since I have worked so hard at achieving a state of “individuality of self” and ” celebrating self” at the Apartment E events.. Photos like this just let me know that my dreams are right on target. Negativity” can just not look my way…! .because I am not looking at him.. . Nice to meet you Raychel, hope you had a great time, and met a lot of new people.. thank you everyone for supporting Apartment E, The Imperial, City of Sanford, All the Orlando area venues that support art shows, and thank yourself for being open minded and real. and to let “creativity “do some work on it’s own.. and inviting you in to play in his world.. peace ,love and art to you all. ,frankie