house of belonging

love, kindness, and respect. are the only visitors I am taking at my life’s door anymore.. if you aren’t carrying at least two of these.. find another “house of belonging”. We tried. Rocked back into my true being. Good luck in finding those in your life, that can wait for you to be loving, kind, or respectful. period.
For some it takes a long time to understand the basics of living and surviving with others. A healthy dose of .. chill out .had to be said. With age these things become matras of what you will accept in your life and thus creates peace. I am still searching for more peace. Some folks, still want to live in a state of sabatoge, and well. I am not their sabotage funnel anymore. . I miss you. My soul needs connection to truth. Life moves fast, caring hearts thrown ahead in my path, are easier to tread through than cold ones.

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