the land locked lonely

transitions of life that leave scars in your eyes, give surface to hurts that once were filled lies. If truth is a diamond, and love is pure wine, and fortunes are squandered for more precious time. If sunsets are golden, and clouds empty the rain, then fill right back up, why,can’t we do the same?. If promises broken, were never made twice, and if I was mean, when you thought I was nice. Then what is left in our coffers of gifts, but oceans of forever, and beaches eroded so swift. The land locked lonely, can plant more gardens of life, foundations for buildings to house more of the strife. Angels know why, we all have to fight, for at life’s end we will always choose flight. If Heaven is here, and hell is too. Why can’t we love stronger, when life is so short, why can’t we build more kind bridges, than harsh solid forts. …………. f,messina. 3.15.23

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