be kind

be kind to everyone along the way. we are all on the same journey Saying so long to an incredible Aunt this week. one that lived a full life of love, music, good food, family, and laughter. celebrating her wonderful life this week, with love,music,good food, family, and laughter!. My beautiful Aunt Virgina (rip my Angel). joined our Angel family in heaven this week. every time we lose another leaf from our family trees,the sadness is large, yet, when you are positive that, that one life will always be the mighty standing oak in our memories, then our lives go on. We all will be mighty oaks one day, barren of leaves, at times, at other times, in full bloom, in full spring. We are all on the same journey. Our roots are deep. treasure each day, each season, each phase of the seasons. on the horizon, there are many different colors of trees, all sharing this life ,be kind to all the trees, all the folks, all of our human family. We are no different than trees… grander plan than our day to day. I spend mine in kindness. I learned it ,from the source. RIP Aunt Virginia. I love you.

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