kindness is free

when you stop and think, “am I going to cut the tv on this morning?” knowing the news is not good. Or not cutting it on, and cutting music on instead. Keeping “the news” out of your life, is an option always, then again, to take that option, is in a way saying.” oh”, it does not involve me. Well, it does. for those attacks on others for other’s political gains, that tragedy, that senseless killing, that ruling , that law. A life of living with rage, anger, prejudice, rascism, selfishness, fear, exclusion, and decisions made from courts, that prevent those that love each other, to live happy, and peaceful. As we all want to do in life. Yes, I have a problem with that. I am a community man, that believes that everyone is entitled to have the same in life. No one is better and more entitled than any one else. I live an Empathatic life. I am no better than anyone else, and I could be in their situation at any moment in time. I am humbled in my life right now, and I see those “hurting” everyday. Up close and personal. YOU are so lucky, if you woke up loved, warm, happy, loved, safe, secure, and just with a “song” in your heart, and not an echoing “Regret voice” making your day to day moments a struggle to just seek peace. I mean all that!. Read it again. You are lucky, if you are loved and warm. Charity’s meaning in most of the world, means “justice”. I live my life this way, I have empathy, I have a conscience that is at peace most days, when I see everyone treated with kindness. ( if they are around the corner, down the street, or even around the other side of the world.) The world is wobbling, and wounded right now. There has always been problems, strife from one group or another, and what you CHOOSE to put a magnifying glass on at one certain time or another, is what the media leads their attention too. It’s also, what you can

“magnify” for your personal sane-ness, and happiness, and day to day peace. I want to have peace in my heart. Life is too short to not GIVE yourself peace. I do this by placing my LOCAL community, largely in my heart, and actions.. Paying attention to “what” locally I can make a difference in. Yes VOTING, is what you can do on a larger scale. Yet, day to day, you can “help” your neighbor. You can DO what you can do to instill peace, human love, inspiring hearts, and caring for those less fortunate. Also, helping your day to day hours at work, at school, at the kitchen table with your family, at a day at the park or beach with your friends, as PEACEFUL and happy, as you can. KINDNESS is free. Giving is easy. HATE takes time to pass out, LOVE is right there in your heart. Open that “heart” DOOR this morning, TURN that “channel” on….. you think?…. and you know, when you are an older man, as I. Well, I “can” take , frivolous mean words, name calling, and the like, for I have had time to build up my defenses, and I can deflect those names back to the “uneducated, fearful, other human.. but when things are said, in front of young, happiness seeking youth, those trying to find their way, in life, and to be peaceful in their skin. Then I have a problem with that. Life is so short, to spend it spewing hate. Take a stand, for love for one another today. Excuse me while I go cut off the tv, and turn up the tunes!… have a good day everyone. thanks for letting me spill.. My brain is full this morning… later.

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