frankie messina - (artist Tracy Burke)

Founder and Director- Frankie Messina 1993-present)


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Please leave a message (thank you)
voice mail- 321 445-1021

special note: I do not, conduct business (emails,facebook messages,etc.) over my phone or any mobile device. Return correspondence may seem slow at times, but I will eventually get back to you when I am at my desk . I appreciate the contact,and interest. I strive to continue to enjoy,experience,and be present as I live my life with others. When I am out of the office, I am truly disconnected from the cyber world. . thank you.


FRANKIE’S REASONs for Apartment E

  • Do something well
  • Do my part to contribute to growth
  • Feed inner passions.
  • Give hope
  • Create new
  • Honor past
  • Perpetuate good



here is more:


It is that place inside of you that you want to share with the world. DEFINE it, CREATE it. and then SHARE it! The name came  from a real apartment (Apartment E) that is long gone. but the feeling and the determination to improve my life (physically ,emotionally,creatively), still thrives inside of me, Frankie Messina. We all have our own stories. We want to hear them. The world is tough sometime, but it is not going to make a victim out of me.I have something to say, I have a mission, and I hope “YOU” can take an example from me, and show your “POWER” to the world also.( in your way). I would be honored to be instrumental in your CREATIVE awakening.  Come support, socialize, network, be showcased, and experience true Orlando culture, with a lot of good people.



Expose the soul of creativity in all forms of expression.

Create and define the identity of local culture everywhere.

Give back to the community through diverse, cutting edge events.

Generate funds for everyone involved.

Nourish unknown, emerging, and established artists goals and desires.

Encourage all talents and passions to soar to the highest level.

Provide individual and business networking opportunities.

Support  and celebrate artistic freedom in a relaxed arena of exchange.

Contribute to world harmony through arts and music.

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