embrace good muse

Faith built with a mother’s love. We all ,even the animals have it from birth.. Life can be destroyed by fire . yet flames lead to new beginnings. . Man has tried to harm what nature has championed, opening the new, and burying the old. Keeping the foolish muse away from the others that rob and not join, the bad muse live in crevices., smoldering, embrace. .In an instance history can be erased, but not ,forgotten. Creativity breaths new, with each dawn. .


If someone comes to you and asks for help, and you can help them, you’re supposed to help them. Why wouldn’t you? You have been put in the position somehow to be able to help this person. This should instill gratitude, not dismay. : f.messina 05/07/16

the leaf so fleeting

life is so mysterious and wonderful, and each moment is so fleeting , Changes come in an instant, All we have is “now” to make those memories that will be what people remember the most when we are gone. What a gift it is, when you just look at a fallen leaf on the ground, and what a shame it is to know that this too will be gone in an instant. replaced by another. We are seasonal also… we are a small piece of a larger puzzle, a beginning, an ending, a constant renewal and reminder of how great of a gift life is. A simple leaf?, or a universe of connection to real purpose?. Who has time for hate of anyone when this one leaf is here to admire and love this grand. -f.messina 12.17.19.

Sparrows fly by

when death is thrown on your doorstep, you realize how quick life goes by. friends come into your life as quick as sparrows fly by. some land in fields of plenty, grain for all, but not for your bounty or nourishment. Then there are certain friends that feed you from “one” grain of their yield. meaning., some friends hit you in the heart, and never quite win it, for they are different, they are course, they make you mad and stressed for they do not see the beauty in themselves that you see. Sometimes life gives you these people., and you ignore their cries for help. For they are so strong they scare the sparrows away. I had a friend like this. he’s gone. took himself out… why? no one will ever know. but this man, this friend, this artist , that shared his crops of plenty will never be replicated. never will another one of these come along. So…. what do we do with those we know?. that’s up to you.. I vow to do this.. To love them why they are here.. To tell them I love them. To treasure the time together.. sorry i was not there when you needed me. gone too soon….I am mad at myself for not being the friend you were wanting me to be.

Grace Happens

Grace happens, where peace and patience find each other in hard,troubled,times. Cheers to healing old wounds, renewing positive friendships,letting the toxic ones go,and rising up on the other side of 2019 with all the exact things you need packed in near perfect precision. In hopes that foe will stay on distant shores, and friend will folly in clovers of your own. Throwing seeds of life into crevices darkened for years. This time we win, this time we know the true path home. At this time know where your center of happiness is by looking inside and knowing that there is no one else like you that can give your gifts to the world. Finding purpose is uncovering the beauty of your every breath. Let the negative people go. You may miss them, but your hold on them are holding you back. Lead your dreams over the hill, guide your greatest passion to it’s space, no matter how large it is, and how small you feel at times. You have the power through love of yourself. You are able. It is your time. No time like now. All that is not given, is lost. Peace all. See you around the bend.! (c) frankie.messina 12.7.16


trust. I know it. and I am grateful for it in my life. Be true to your word, let your words build trust. From trust comes true friendship, peace in your life, unity in your community, and love for the world. Trust is not lost, practice it. Believe in it. You will be happier. Trust in the process of letting life take you where it will. Trust that good comes in with the bad. Believe good prevails through truth, always.

a story

“so.. real talk.. the news reported yesterday that a pedestrian was struck and killed by an Amtrak train in an apparent suicide. well they were right about that.. but not sure if they know the real reason he jumped in front of the train ending his life.. …………… here is the rest of the story…….. the man was a homeless guy that was one of four friends that have been on the street for a few weeks.. they were called the “fantastic four”.. they had become great friends on the street.. all helping each other with day to day survival. .. the man killed had been getting paid in food.(subs) for working around and doing jobs like dumping the trash and things at the 7-11 on 50 and edgewater, well after doing some hard work for most of the day, 7-11 only gave him a small sandwich when they had promised a large one. Then as he was at the lake trying to eat it,(they usually hang out at the kinder care near there), the Police started running them away from the lake., the man had just had enough. just trying to eat his sandwich at the lake in peace. He told his friends ( one that I know , and where this story came from. one of the fantastic four) that he was tired of getting pushed out of shelters for he has no ID, and he had just had enough.. He told them goodbye, and walked straight to the tracks and then jumped right in front of the train.. They all saw it happen. Their friend killed in front of their eyes.. So if you think that your life is bad.. Think about this guy.. at his wits and life’s end. Our Blanket Orlando project is no guarantee that it will prevent a homeless man from killing himself. I know that it will though show love and care to people on the streets that are going through a bad thing.. ( no blame on anyone).. just the fact that they are there. CARE and warmth, and listening to these people will help… and in small ways I believe our small efforts will help. We are not another “authority” group..or person.. pointing a finger at them giving them rules.. We are brothers and sisters letting them know.. WE care… can’t cure your situation, but we can help you think better, with a new pair of socks, shoes, and warm clothes and blankets. and maybe ,just maybe. one person could get in the “right” brain to take control,pull himself up, and realize that we are all the same.. and we all have a universal right to LIVE, to breath, to love, and to be loved. Maybe we can help with our gifts put a smile of confidence on some faces… every little bit helps. thanks for reading.”

a good name

yea. I don’t know a damned thing about this world, how incredible everyone and everything is in it, or how the “wonder” of creation just happens. I have no Idea about anything. The only thing that I do know, and the only thing that I can control is me, and how I move along in my path that is put in front of me, and how I will be remembered. The only thing the world will have in the end, is my name. My only job is to make it a good name. My job is not done.

the hopeful seeker

who’s eyes will set your heart to flutter, could they be mine? those may ask, when harvest comes round, why leaves turn brown, when there is no sound. they just do. each morn the sun rises no one pushes him up, light just rolls and shines through dawn’s blue line, it just does. as friends die and say so long, no one told the heart to stop. time to leave, in body alone, a farewell for some, not always a goodbye. they just do. babies born to cheers and elation, there is no secret to life’s grand creation, they just are. So who’s eyes will set your heart to flutter, and could they be mine.? surely this heart, built with fragments, scars, reaching for that one. may never meet it’s other. yet not one emotion chains it down, no, not one holds it to smother. love harvested, and in the right season, yields crops of plenty, love will fill the hopeful seeker, a heart found, just laying on the ground . why? it just will.

Gone in an instant.

So there is something I am discovering as I am getting older. A new experience will happen to you, and if it is the first time you have experienced that thing, your brain and your soul will react to it, as a much younger person would, in ways that you have never felt. I am feeling this a lot these solo days. I am pushing myself in a direction I have never been in. This new experience we are going through, has made me feel so connected and alive. When on surface level you would think it would be the opposite. Take a risk, and open yourself to the new experiences and many new feelings will impress. This current experience this year, is “Sparking” my brain.. waking some sections, that honestly, I thought were closing. The brain, our bodies, and our lives “are” such a mystery. There is a greater cause. Reach for more everyone.. Keep all negative thoughts, words, and actions out of your life, for, well, there is so much out of our control right now, that wants to knock us down already. I don’t need anymore, from anywhere, or anybody. Be kind to us all these days. Be extra kind. I throw all bad, back out to the universe. I don’t blame the universe for these things either. In actuality , it is accepting your power, and judging not your strength through this test, but welcoming your educated love of what you learned from your trial on each given day. Stand straight, take a big ole handful of that negative stuff . Throw it back out to the universe. No one or thing, is allowed to deposit their burden with me. Just as I will not hand it over to you. We each have our loads to bare. This I have learned. Positive needs nurturing at times to spread and activate.. Negative comes locked and loaded. Be aware Be present in purposeful positive moments. We only get a few, and they could all be gone in an instant. Each day we are being reminded sadly of this. Be remembered with smiles of good times. where you helped , not harmed our healing. Keep pushing for peace. Keep the faith in your fellow man to make the right decisions, and hold you closest friends to the highest of standards of kindness. 

Since new feelings are brought back up with new experiences (like this pandemic) ,and we feel like a younger person when we go through things beyond our control, then as a “child” in ways, WE should not place so much blame on our actions, or our response, for this only makes it worse. Depression, self-doubt, and all that razza majazz, comes up.. Know that this is natural, and you are not alone or guilty of anything. Also , because you feel isolated, then you feel you can’t operate as normal. This will pass, and you will be more equipped to be the adult you are. Stay steady, and let the circle of learning complete.