My “wish” list is pretty large. My “need” list, non-existent.




-dreamers visionaries sometimes always forget to remember to shadow and shine and rely on past sweat tears and experiments of like individuals that all want similar outcomes. doubters misers those that take and forget to give, money hoarders that store away the gold and give out pennies in hidden cracked foundations of houses built on... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

  "What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us." ------Helen Keller"I was blessed to have had one of the best.. and one day we will meet again, and not one minute will have passed.RIP my sweet Mama... not one day passes do I not... Continue Reading →


  i keep saying that I am going to stop my experiencing new things in Orlando, that I will stop going out and meeting new people that are passionate about their talents, say "this is the last new place" that I want to check out, so I can LAND Apartment E and get on with... Continue Reading →

They call them the Fallen, (I think not!)

May 25 ·     They call them the Fallen, (I think not!) .Roosters still crow at sunrise, waves pull up from the shore, world revolutions cause birds to sing, in misty morning fields mules pull plows, crops grow upward, leveled by fathers, stewed by daughters, marrying sons that grow tired nightly but smile hearing... Continue Reading →


no really... I know that being positive is tough at times, but really being negative is only stopping you from getting to the place you know you are destined for.. quit being your own worst enemy!. there are enough people out there (even people who you think are your close friends) that are trying to... Continue Reading →

any other day

  just any other day like any other one children are born and each year we celebrate with cake and cowboys and hungry cousins along the way we leave the cowboys behind wonder if the indians won for all that is said and all that is done is how big of a piece do you... Continue Reading →

hiding place

castled in hope foundations of folly forgotten untied laces hosted away from having it all gains of old faces to hold kind embraces still occupy those spaces birds once warm have southward flown round here patience has patience lovers return to find locks ajar intruders are welcome from dusk till dawn I wonder when you... Continue Reading →

was honored to be a guest speaker at Pecha Kucha 14.. very grateful Eddie Selover and Orlando!

check out the event here... This was my presentation.. give or take a few words that I missed saying.. Do what you love....Now. You are here. Why? There comes a time in everyone’s life when you wonder. Why am I here? You have been given this special mixture that only you can share. This... Continue Reading →

the conscious mind

The conscious mind is a good editor..not just a good creator. On the inside I feel the less I try, the more I achieve. Just be... To make something real, you have to make REALITY disappear. I mean, not forever, just long enough for you to hear the silence. you are in control.... no matter... Continue Reading →

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