what have you taught?

so if you had to boast about some life lesson you have taught someone else what would it be? Mine?. well I think I am most proud that I taught someone (maybe a few people) that it’s okay to be sensitive, show feelings, show vulnerability, show LOVE to others, and give and accept love from others, no matter who they are…. Men are better men.. when they know it is okay to trust your feelings… Women should be treated as gold!, Children should be treated as little humans with minds of their own, not little pawns on a game of chess.., Friends can be forever friends if you know that you both need each other to be the complete person you are meant to be…. life lessons.. when these things are not cared for… WE all lose something.. we lose our integrity and purpose of being human, and living this human life. so what is the lesson you have taught someone? forget your modesty.. what have you taught? what are you proud of………?

you are rooted infinity

I keep thinking if how you think you are living a sad lonely life small bedroom, empty home, no companion, working all the time I’m here to tell you, you are okay.Maybe the light in you seems dim right now,Maybe, the doubts have overcome you a little.Maybe you need to be reminded once again.
You are unique, you are special, you are inspiring,you have to go take another look in the mirror.Throw that sad image a little smile.I finally figured out the BIGGEST thing you have taught me.You taught me to not be afraid of the dark, the unknown.So now. Can you please accept some of my light, that I am finally not afraid of.It’s time buddy. The world is waiting for you, to come out of the shadows. That inner strength that you have is what has pulled you through this far. It’s in you, all in there in you, never forget that,the real you, can move mountains of new. When you move, truth is all people see. You are on a journey of discovery. I am proud to know you. Remember your rich nights, and your poor mornings, the way time keeps pushing away, then pulling you closer.You are determined gold, you are rooted infinity in heaven’s path.You are what winds whisper when they stop and listen to themselves.You are that ripple on the shore, you are that cracking in the forest of ice beaten leaves.You leave shadows on places that long for your return, you give nightbird’s songs the crisp tune of forever.Don’t let anyone, take your struggles from you, you say, no. These are mine.Get your own.. this is my test, this is my captured moment of learning. Go away. Don’t disturb my pain, now that I got here first. It’s the last thing that’s mine. Alone.My task in time, is set in mind. Alone. f.messina ©1/26/22

sometimes i find

sometimes I find pictures of things we did and realize now that we did something I didn’t know we did. Here we didn’t host a king, or a president, or a queen, or mayor, or a senator, or a leader of a world changing organization, a scientist, an artist, a writer, a poet, a prima ballerina, or an activist…. Here we became unknown hosts of a little curious girl as she saw us doing art, jumped in and added to one of our live art installations.Signed her name and drew a little picture of a flower… So maybe we did do all those other things… and we didn’t even know it… ps: every little thing you do, as little as you think it is, could possibly change someone’s life in positive directions when you are not even trying.

share your power

It’s really not that hard to live a happy life. Treating everyone with justice, leaving a trail of good is my personal goal from here on out.. too many people just want to keep others down, thinking it will lift them up above others… it don’t work that way. not in my book. not in many people’s book. money, status, clothes, cars, houses, stuff…. none are greater than a good heart, a cheerful soul, a helping hand, and a life lived with empathy and care for others. These are what people will remember you for, and hold your memory forever inside about. keep pushing friends.. and think about the influence you have on people. your life matters, be proud and know that you own a mixture that no one else has…. don’t waste it on selfishness.. share your power.

A hoarder’s tale

“Its not the four walls that limit your happiness, it’s what you let surround around you.” A peaceful life rolls in, when chaos is defined, some tranforms, some thrown out.” Imagine the gifts that you are holding inside,the ones hidden in boxes, stacked in rows, pushed back in drawers, put away for a rainy day. re-gift the things to yourself. All new again.”

f.messina 1.23.15