Apartment E. 30th Anniversary Party. Sept. 30th, 2023.

30 years of you. the last Apartment E party…… official debut of Apartment E live! A new Era. My how you have grown Orlando!! , and believe me, ALL that was Given, was not lost!. Orlando has arrived, ( no more of this in 10 years chatter!) and this night, I am honoring all that have entered Apartment E’s door,in all forms. This will be an amazing night of local love, rekindling of old friends, incredible new meeting of new friends. A retrospective of the last 30 years where you all have showed your personal power, your love for building the city beautiful, your risks of putting yourself out there. My personal gratitude for the memories, I will never be able to repay. This night I will try and not explode. Save the Date… More details soon. .. peace and love, frankie



supported Dizzle Phunk’s Shoe and Sock drive. DEc.16th,2022 at Grape and the Grain

Blanket Orlando 10. holiday Party. Dec. 16th, 2021. the Imperial Bar 


Baby Blanket Orlando 9. Nov.14th,2020


Blanket Orlando 8.december 13th, 2019

Hoodstock. August 15th,16th,17th, 2019


Apartment E Grand Meet and Greet june 7th

Apartment E Grand Meet and Greet Sept. 6th

Apartment E Prince/ Grand Meet and Greet. Soft Exposed and Chilling. the Imperial

Blanket Orlando 7. The Imperial


Blanket Orlando 6. Nov. 17th. The Imperial

Pajama’s & Pretty Pictures. April 13th,2017. – the Current Gallery

Frequencies. featuring J.Meaky in the round room.April 13th,2017-the Current Gallery


the Crooks Club & Ededron.local artist showcase.March 19th,2016-the Current Gallery

Angels & Artisans.featuring artist Kimme Prindle.,Jehn Cerron, Richard Bird.Sat.June 4th,2016

Bad Art Show. 2. Featuring Musician Kevin Maines.September 17th,2016

art show MAIN

still one of my favorite party flyer images ever…. had the first bad art show in the location that “The Acre” is at.. then about 2 years of Bad Art Shows on Mondays at Bohdi.. downtown… then . we returned with new larger shows back out in Sanford above the Imperial, then we had two more.. and well……… I got an itch again…. THESE are always so much fun……… did you ever show at one? and well i just need to go ahead and get these t-shirts made one day… ( there is a story about the “Drag” Octopus.. hahahah and the mini “bad” me.. gesture…

Blanket Orlando 5.


Crazy Blue Harvest- featuring artist Don Moon , November 19th,2016. mixmaster DJ Spank

PaperTrail.Art show. Saturday January 16th,2015.the Current Gallery

Maps and Dreams show- the Current Galleries- Sanford

Home shows the Current Galleries - Sanford

April 24th- featuring Wheeler Newman

May 2- featuring Alex and Davinci from Sollilaquests of Sound

May 14- featuring Robert Johnson

July 18th- Leftovers Art Show- the Current Galleries- Sanford

September 19th- BAD ART SHOW- the Current Galleries -Sanford

October 7,14,21,28th,  TIC TOC Local POP UP Market True Serenity- Mills 50 District

November 20th- Blanket Orlando- Lake Ivanhoe 4pm.. till dusk


January 22nd,2014 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea

January 27th,2014 Nix Abstract Peacock Showcase- peacock room

February 26th,2014 Soft Exposure 100 Guitars Debut @ Infusion Tea

Sept 19th,2014 - Travis is Broke Art show. ( the art of local artists Travis Thaco Smith)- The Milk Bar

March -October 2014   "apartmentefrankie presents "Bizarre Bazaar" - St.Matthew's Tavern-it was fun.

Guest speaker at Pechucucha 2014- Orange studio Oct.17th,2014


January,23rd,2013 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea

February 9th, 2013 Bad Art Show  The Imperial in Sanford

February 27th,2013 Soft Exposure@ Infusion Tea

March 27th,2013 Soft Exposure@Infusion Tea

April 24th,2013 Soft Exposure@ Infusion Tea

May 22nd, 2013 Soft Exposure@ Infusion Tea

July 2013 Selected as Best of Orlando Weekly's Magazine List. #1  Arts Advocate

June 8th, 2013  Apartment E's 20th Anniversary Celebration #1- Essentials Saturday-picnic-Lake Ivanhoe

October 23rd,2013 Soft Exposure-  Nick Seyler Art show  – Infusion Tea

November 22nd,2013 BLANKET ORLANDO-  ( 2nd Annual)

December 20th,2013 20th anniversary party!  @ The Peacock Room


March 13th, 2012 Frankie's Big fun Dumb Happy Hour- Sip Bar
April 17th, 2012 Frankie's Big Fun Happy Hour- Sip Bar
April 25th, 2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
April 28th, 2012 Jambando - vended with artists Eric Johnsen

Selected as Jambando Featured Artist.. Cover of program book.
April 17th, 2012 Frankie's Big Fun Happy Hour- Sip Bar
April 25th, 2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
April 28th, 2012 Jambando - vended with artists Eric Johnsen
May 15th, 2012 Frankie's Big Fun Happy Hour -Sip Bar
May 23rd, 2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
June 27th,2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
October, 24th,2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
November,28th,2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea


January 2007-2011 Taste Art Friday Solo Art Openings ( co-directed by Nyahzul)- Taste Restaurant


January 2007-2011 Taste Art Friday Solo Art Openings ( co-directed by Nyahzul)- Taste Restaurant


January 2007-2011 Taste Art Friday Solo Art Openings ( co-directed by Nyahzul)- Taste Restaurant


February 9th,2008 / Apartment E's 15th Anniversary Party / Moose Lodge- Orlando ,Fl.
July 2008- July 2009 / The Office Art Gallery- Downtown Orlando 15  in studio art galleries and show space. /  Co - Directed with Idith Levy and Andy Jones. Artists/ Germain Lemus, Tobar, Jacob Cordell, Nyahzul, Hep Fury  ( Salvador), and many more,
July 9th,2008 / Apartment E's 16th Anniversary Party " the  Donkey Ass Party" the Office Gallery / Orlando.

Oct. 2008- co-hosted Vagabond party ( Art Army, Perego, Heps )Salvador live) Nyahzul Art, Kayla Prommersburger, many more...


June -November 2007/ Established Soft Exposure poetry night at Infusion Tea.Co- hosted with Joe Pasquale.

January 2007-2011 Taste Art Friday Solo Art Openings ( co-directed by Nyahzul)- Taste Restaurant


January 27th, 2006 / Breathe"breath connect us all" Poets' Acoustic Artshouse debut show. performers Redd Tyack and Katie Burkess
July 7th-December 9th,2006/ Frankie's Show and  Tell/ Wednesdays at Austin's Coffee and Film- winter park/ co established first Austin's open mic night with Joe Pasquale, weekly spotlighted local performers.
Angels and Artisans, Ukiyo-e,local film preview party,Nude Bandit's Captured mind and love junky book signing.


December 5th,2005/ Apartment E's 12th Anniversary Party "Harvest" at the peacock room. ( open  mic)

2004- hurricanes


August 2003-December 2003/ Second Sundays Art Brunch/ Lake Eola Yacht Club
October 10th,2003/ Apartment E's 10th Anniversary Party/ "Adreamalized"/ Lake Eola Yacht  Club/perfomers, poets and artists spotlighted- Mike Anderson,Paul Sanders,Talisha Howard,Melissa Crispo,DJ Di,Stray Cat Writers,and other friends.
October 1st, 2003/ Business license established  for Apartment  E Inc.
October 1st, 2003-October 2008 / Poets at Apartment E attempt at opening real location


May 7th, 2002- Apartment  E's 9th Anniversary Party/ Prima Gallery( 3rd floor of Oval Studios/ guitarist Michael Anderson/ DJ Spin Art/ Film clips frol the last 9 years /Gallery owners- Dan Erminger, Arianne Archer
July 19th, 2002/ Bad Art Show/ in partnership with Mac Wood Productions/ Caricature Artist "Cara"/ music-Tom,Bruce,Tais,Kayonne Riley,huge thanks to Tim for use of his property and apartment. December 8th,2002- March 16th, 2003/ Bad Art Show/ Bodhisattva Social Club/our sincere respect and love for Tom for having confidence in us. R . I. P. Tom Butler.

2001 -?


May 16th, 2000/ 14th Apartment E Party/ Debut of Toast and  Jam/ Globe Restaurant/Sam Gaffin/comic  artist.
/ Kit Kat Lounge/ Band- Garden Groove
July 25th/2000/ 15th Apartment E Party/ Toast and Jam/ Toast to Victor Perez- local Artist/bands- One minute revolution and rowdowner, Happy Ending Happening, and Song of Mercury.
October 10th, 2000/16th Apartment E party/ Toast and Jam/Toast to Wprk 91.5 fm/Performance artist Arriane Archer/bands- Song of Mercury,Happy Ending Happyning/Carol  Drown/ film- Modulations


March 7th,1999 Unmade Definitions/ Nude Performance Art Show- Gallery 611, hosted by Arianne Archer
March 13th,1999/ Blessings/ produced showcase of art & music- Gallery 611, hosted by Lauri Golub
March 20th,1999/ The Creative Living Expo/ Entertainment Coordinator and host/Orlando Expo Center
April 9th,1999/ Metal Sculpture exhibition of Glenn Dobkin's works at the new  Queenfish Productions Warehouse,( catered with vegetarian foods, and also bartended)
April 10th, 1999/ Omnific Self/ Tiphanie's Art Exhibit/DJ's this last show at Gallery 611
May 14th, 1999/ Antoinette and Frankie's Theatro della Luna/ PSO/indi films & videos/ introduced Martini Blue
August 12th,1999/13th Apartment E Party/ Kate O Brien's Irish Pub Downtown Orl.,Pre-party/ Band Branham
September 12th,1999/ the Last Summer of the Century Pool Party/PSO/decorated entire space like a pool.


1998 Frankie's Blue/Sadie's Tavern, Winter Park/ Blues Happy hour, Art  Splat ( everchanging art wall)
September 1st, 1998 / Ollies's Restaurant, Lake Buena Vista/ Opening Enter. Manager & Music Advisor
September 25th- October 4th, 1998/ Enter. Director/ Central FL. Film and Video Festival- 9 After- Parties
1- Opening Night Gala- The Langford Hotel, Winter Park
2- The Electric Circus and the Screen Explosion- Gallery 611
3-DJ " Spin Jam" Ball- Sapphire Supper CLub
4- 12th Apartment E Party-Cafe Monaco
5-Heckle & Jeckle's Night of Rock Bands/ Casselberry
6-Block Party & Art Reception - Flying Turtle Gallery, Past and Present Antiques,Alden Rd.
7-Performance Space Orlando Presents... PSO
8-Breakfast at Tiffany's Mimosa Brunch/ Madlyn's Cafe
9-Wrap Party- 4th Fighter Group Lounge


1997 Personal Escort to Russ Myer opening night of Central Florida  film and video festival
September 30th,October 1st 1997 2nd Annual Pillow Theater /the Club at Firestone,Dj's and hosted  indi films
1997 Union Cinema / The Union Cafe. (now maxines')  Colonial Town/hosted independent films every thursday.


October 7th 1996 11th Apartment E Party ( above ichiban) downtown

(Eugene Snowden, Terri Binion, DJ Moody, all night percussion party)

Orlando. Closing night of the Central Fl Film & Video Festival
1996 Blue Mondays Acid Jazz /Blues night Asian Nights Vietnamese Restaurant Orlando
1996 Ollies Restaurant (lk Buena Vista) Managed and Staged talent


March 6th 1995 8th Apartment E Party Lee's Lakeside "it's time"
May 15h 1995 9th Apartment E Party  Grand Opening of Glenn Dobkin's Art Studio
June 1995 709 Monday Artshouse Opens- First Real Office
September 25th 1995  10th Apartment E Party The GO Lounge- Closing Night of he Central  Florida Film and Video  Festival
October 1st 1995 Debut of Pillow Theater Southern Nights Night club- hosted and spotlighted Alternative Films/Videos


February  28th 1994 4th Apartment E Party Orlando City Hall Art Gallery, Lee's Lakside Underground Tavern
May 9th 1994 5th Apartment E Party Lee's Lakeside Celebrating the Re-opening of Lake Eola Fountain
June 27th 1994 1st Year Anniversary Party  Lee's Lakeside
October 24th 1994 7th Apartment E Party  Thornton  Park Cafe ( Juanita Marie) Lee's Lakeside


June 3rd 1993 Apartment E established

June 3rd 1993 The Official Introduction Party "circle of friends" pre-party wine and cheese party at private home.

June 3rd 1993 1st Apartment E Party Bull & Bush Pub
October 12th 1993 2nd Apartment E Party Bull & Bush Pub
November  30th 1993 3rd Apartment E Party  Bull & Bush Pub

An  APARTMENT E PRODUCTION  Local love and support  Since 1993

All these Apartment E events for over twenty eight years could not continue to be done without the loving support of so many beautiful people!. I love you all, thank you ,Frankie

BE on the look-out for the next 28 !!!!

got a story or a memory of Apartment E? Anyone meet someone through an event, had a first art showing, played your first music, read your first poem in public? Are you a club owner, manager, promoter that co -sponsored events with "E". . Were you inspired by anything Apartment E related? (I am gathering folks for a documentary soon). want to be a part of it? Let me know that too. I appreciate your time.  I have been more than grateful for everyone I have come across with this "thing" ""E" .. you all have taught me.. and I learn new every day. there's more to do, and many more plans!. just putting out a call to anyone that wants to help me document. anniversary party at 30!!  


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