new events/ past history



Beach Campfire on Lake Superior

March 15th- Nora’s Sugarpop- featuring Robert “Kap” Kaplinger- Sugar Shack

April 11th- Nora’s Sugarpop- featuring Jennifer Payne- Sugar Shack

April 15th- Pajamas and Pretty Pictures- Sanford

April 15th-Frequencies- featuring JMeaky in the round room- Sanford

apartmentefrankiepresents logo1


blanket-orlando-5-main-1 art show MAIN
January 16th- PaperTrail- the Current Galleries -Sanford
March 19th- Ededron- solo art show &  the Crooks Club
June 4th-  Angels and Artisans- A Woman’s Show:featuring singer/songwriter Jehn Cerron and Richard Bird
September 17th- Bad Art Show- featuring  singer/songwriter Kevin Maines
November 19th- Crazy Blue Harvest- featuring artist Don Moon , mixmaster DJ Spank
Nov.17th-24th- Blanket Orlando  5- orlando ,sanford, and altamonte springs locations. Helping where we can.


Maps and Dreams show- the Current Galleries- Sanford
Home shows the Current Galleries – Sanford
April 24th- featuring Wheeler Newman
May 2- featuring Alex and Davinci from Sollilaquests of Sound
May 14- featuring Robert Johnson
July 18th- Leftovers Art Show- the Current Galleries- Sanford
September 19th- BAD ART SHOW- the Current Galleries -Sanford
October 7,14,21,28th,  TIC TOC Local POP UP Market True Serenity- Mills 50 District
November 20th- Blanket Orlando- Lake Ivanhoe 4pm.. till dusk


January 22nd,2014 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
January 27th,2014 Nix Abstract Peacock Showcase- peacock room
February 26th,2014 Soft Exposure 100 Guitars Debut @ Infusion Tea
Sept 19th,2014 – Travis is Broke Art show. ( the art of local artists Travis Thaco Smith)- The Milk Bar
March -October 2014   “apartmentefrankie presents “Bizarre Bazaar” – St.Matthew’s Tavern-it was fun.
Guest speaker at Pechucucha 2014- Orange studio Oct.17th,2014


January,23rd,2013 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
February 9th, 2013 Bad Art Show  The Imperial in Sanford
February 27th,2013 Soft Exposure@ Infusion Tea
March 27th,2013 Soft Exposure@Infusion Tea
April 24th,2013 Soft Exposure@ Infusion Tea
May 22nd, 2013 Soft Exposure@ Infusion Tea
July 2013 Selected as Best of Orlando Weekly’s Magazine List. #1  Arts Advocate
June 8th, 2013  Apartment E’s 20th Anniversary Celebration #1- Essentials Saturday-picnic-Lake Ivanhoe
October 23rd,2013 Soft Exposure-  Nick Seyler Art show  – Infusion Tea
November 22nd,2013 BLANKET ORLANDO-  ( 2nd Annual)
December 20th,2013 20th anniversary party!  @ The Peacock Room


March 13th, 2012 Frankie’s Big fun Dumb Happy Hour- Sip Bar
April 17th, 2012 Frankie’s Big Fun Happy Hour- Sip Bar
April 25th, 2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
April 28th, 2012 Jambando – vended with artists Eric Johnsen
Selected as Jambando Featured Artist.. Cover of program book.
April 17th, 2012 Frankie’s Big Fun Happy Hour- Sip Bar
April 25th, 2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
April 28th, 2012 Jambando – vended with artists Eric Johnsen
May 15th, 2012 Frankie’s Big Fun Happy Hour -Sip Bar
May 23rd, 2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
June 27th,2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
October, 24th,2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea
November,28th,2012 Soft Exposure @ Infusion Tea


January 2007-2011 Taste Art Friday Solo Art Openings ( co-directed by Nyahzul)- Taste Restaurant


January 2007-2011 Taste Art Friday Solo Art Openings ( co-directed by Nyahzul)- Taste Restaurant


January 2007-2011 Taste Art Friday Solo Art Openings ( co-directed by Nyahzul)- Taste Restaurant


February 9th,2008 / Apartment E’s 15th Anniversary Party / Moose Lodge- Orlando ,Fl.
July 2008- July 2009 / The Office Art Gallery- Downtown Orlando 15  in studio art galleries and show space. /  Co – Directed with Idith Levy and Andy Jones. Artists/ Germain Lemus, Tobar, Jacob Cordell, Nyahzul, Hep Fury  ( Salvador), and many more,
July 9th,2008 / Apartment E’s 16th Anniversary Party ” the  Donkey Ass Party” the Office Gallery / Orlando.
Oct. 2008- co-hosted Vagabond party ( Art Army, Perego, Heps )Salvador live) Nyahzul Art, Kayla Prommersburger, many more…


June -November 2007/ Established Soft Exposure poetry night at Infusion Tea.Co- hosted with Joe Pasquale.
January 2007-2011 Taste Art Friday Solo Art Openings ( co-directed by Nyahzul)- Taste Restaurant


January 27th, 2006 / Breathe”breath connect us all” Poets’ Acoustic Artshouse debut show. performers Redd Tyack and Katie Burkess
July 7th-December 9th,2006/ Frankie’s Show and  Tell/ Wednesdays at Austin’s Coffee and Film- winter park/ co established first Austin’s open mic night with Joe Pasquale, weekly spotlighted local performers.
Angels and Artisans, Ukiyo-e,local film preview party,Nude Bandit’s Captured mind and love junky book signing.


December 5th,2005/ Apartment E’s 12th Anniversary Party “Harvest” at the peacock room. ( open  mic)

2004- hurricanes


August 2003-December 2003/ Second Sundays Art Brunch/ Lake Eola Yacht Club
October 10th,2003/ Apartment E’s 10th Anniversary Party/ “Adreamalized”/ Lake Eola Yacht  Club/perfomers, poets and artists spotlighted- Mike Anderson,Paul Sanders,Talisha Howard,Melissa Crispo,DJ Di,Stray Cat Writers,and other friends.
October 1st, 2003/ Business license established  for Apartment  E Inc.
October 1st, 2003-October 2008 / Poets at Apartment E attempt at opening real location


May 7th, 2002- Apartment  E’s 9th Anniversary Party/ Prima Gallery( 3rd floor of Oval Studios/ guitarist Michael Anderson/ DJ Spin Art/ Film clips frol the last 9 years /Gallery owners- Dan Erminger, Arianne Archer
July 19th, 2002/ Bad Art Show/ in partnership with Mac Wood Productions/ Caricature Artist “Cara”/ music-Tom,Bruce,Tais,Kayonne Riley,huge thanks to Tim for use of his property and apartment. December 8th,2002- March 16th, 2003/ Bad Art Show/ Bodhisattva Social Club/our sincere respect and love for Tom for having confidence in us. R . I. P. Tom Butler.

2001 -?


May 16th, 2000/ 14th Apartment E Party/ Debut of Toast and  Jam/ Globe Restaurant/Sam Gaffin/comic  artist.
/ Kit Kat Lounge/ Band- Garden Groove
July 25th/2000/ 15th Apartment E Party/ Toast and Jam/ Toast to Victor Perez- local Artist/bands- One minute revolution and rowdowner, Happy Ending Happening, and Song of Mercury.
October 10th, 2000/16th Apartment E party/ Toast and Jam/Toast to Wprk 91.5 fm/Performance artist Arriane Archer/bands- Song of Mercury,Happy Ending Happyning/Carol  Drown/ film- Modulations


March 7th,1999 Unmade Definitions/ Nude Performance Art Show- Gallery 611, hosted by Arianne Archer
March 13th,1999/ Blessings/ produced showcase of art & music- Gallery 611, hosted by Lauri Golub
March 20th,1999/ The Creative Living Expo/ Entertainment Coordinator and host/Orlando Expo Center
April 9th,1999/ Metal Sculpture exhibition of Glenn Dobkin’s works at the new  Queenfish Productions Warehouse,( catered with vegetarian foods, and also bartended)
April 10th, 1999/ Omnific Self/ Tiphanie’s Art Exhibit/DJ’s this last show at Gallery 611
May 14th, 1999/ Antoinette and Frankie’s Theatro della Luna/ PSO/indi films & videos/ introduced Martini Blue
August 12th,1999/13th Apartment E Party/ Kate O Brien’s Irish Pub Downtown Orl.,Pre-party/ Band Branham
September 12th,1999/ the Last Summer of the Century Pool Party/PSO/decorated entire space like a pool.


1998 Frankie’s Blue/Sadie’s Tavern, Winter Park/ Blues Happy hour, Art  Splat ( everchanging art wall)
September 1st, 1998 / Ollies’s Restaurant, Lake Buena Vista/ Opening Enter. Manager & Music Advisor
September 25th- October 4th, 1998/ Enter. Director/ Central FL. Film and Video Festival- 9 After- Parties
1- Opening Night Gala- The Langford Hotel, Winter Park
2- The Electric Circus and the Screen Explosion- Gallery 611
3-DJ ” Spin Jam” Ball- Sapphire Supper CLub
4- 12th Apartment E Party-Cafe Monaco
5-Heckle & Jeckle’s Night of Rock Bands/ Casselberry
6-Block Party & Art Reception – Flying Turtle Gallery, Past and Present Antiques,Alden Rd.
7-Performance Space Orlando Presents… PSO
8-Breakfast at Tiffany’s Mimosa Brunch/ Madlyn’s Cafe
9-Wrap Party- 4th Fighter Group Lounge


1997 Personal Escort to Russ Myer opening night of Central Florida  film and video festival
September 30th,October 1st 1997 2nd Annual Pillow Theater /the Club at Firestone,Dj’s and hosted  indi films
1997 Union Cinema / The Union Cafe. (now maxines’)  Colonial Town/hosted independent films every thursday.


October 7th 1996 11th Apartment E Party ( above ichiban) downtown
(Eugene Snowden, Terri Binion, DJ Moody, all night percussion party)
Orlando. Closing night of the Central Fl Film & Video Festival
1996 Blue Mondays Acid Jazz /Blues night Asian Nights Vietnamese Restaurant Orlando
1996 Ollies Restaurant (lk Buena Vista) Managed and Staged talent


March 6th 1995 8th Apartment E Party Lee’s Lakeside “it’s time”
May 15h 1995 9th Apartment E Party  Grand Opening of Glenn Dobkin’s Art Studio
June 1995 709 Monday Artshouse Opens- First Real Office
September 25th 1995  10th Apartment E Party The GO Lounge- Closing Night of he Central  Florida Film and Video  Festival
October 1st 1995 Debut of Pillow Theater Southern Nights Night club- hosted and spotlighted Alternative Films/Videos


February  28th 1994 4th Apartment E Party Orlando City Hall Art Gallery, Lee’s Lakside Underground Tavern
May 9th 1994 5th Apartment E Party Lee’s Lakeside Celebrating the Re-opening of Lake Eola Fountain
June 27th 1994 1st Year Anniversary Party  Lee’s Lakeside
October 24th 1994 7th Apartment E Party  Thornton  Park Cafe ( Juanita Marie) Lee’s Lakeside


June 3rd 1993 Apartment E established

June 3rd 1993 The Official Introduction Party “circle of friends” pre-party wine and cheese party at private home.
June 3rd 1993 1st Apartment E Party Bull & Bush Pub
October 12th 1993 2nd Apartment E Party Bull & Bush Pub
November  30th 1993 3rd Apartment E Party  Bull & Bush Pub

An  APARTMENT E PRODUCTION  Local love and support  Since 1993

All these Apartment E events for over twenty four years could not continue to be done without the loving support of so many beautiful people!. I love you all, thank you ,Frankie
BE on the look-out for the next 24 !!!!


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