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Main room installation by the current gallery directors and open collaborative mixed works show by YOU.

Blanket Orlando 4- November 20th, 2015


blanket orlando1

Gaston Edwards Park   1236 N.Orange Ave, Orlando,florida 32804bring a blanket, lay it out, chill with friends,family,locals, play board games, watch the sun set, leave your blanket and/or goods for others, or take a load of blankets home with you to help us as we deliver them to those brothers and sisters on the streets that are in unfortunate situations., Those on the streets yearly appreciate the simple care of others , by this gift of a warm blanket through the few cold weeks we have. Baby Blankets and thinner blankets are donated to Animal Rescue locations. Giving is not hard. This is not related to any organization, group, city or government agency. We believe that giving is easy. Many thanks to all of Apartment E’s friends and associates that have inspired me (Frankie), and we at Apartment E are grateful to you all that have spread the word of this annual “Hang-out”. My heart has been fueled in knowing that Thanksgiving is about Giving…no man is an island. We all need each other at times, and this is a great event to teach your children about “giving” instead of just “Receiving” around the Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving season all I am grateful for your undying help and excitment for this grassroots-original Orlando event , love, Frankie

* please share what you can… blankets (any condition, used,new,small,ripped & torn. We give the lighter ones to animal shelters for the furry critters).new disposable baby diapers, shoes, grooming essentials (soap,toothpaste, etc) .

* we are adding an acoustic stage show of local singer songwriters to continue the giving event into the evening hours at a location close to the park… any interested acoustic performers please let me know and I will add you to the line-up. Asking for a 20 minute donated performance. All styles, genres, invited. thank you.
I am very grateful.

* if you can offer your truck , SUv, Large hatchback, or car as help in carrying the supplies away from the lake that night please just let us know that night..

Cold Snap


Winds coming ruffling robin’s tucked beak on the chilly street giving solace to smiles touching past hearts for a while…..Cold snap.

Baby brother lost his lover in 69 down by the creek on a slippery curved hill iced over thrill kill….Cold snap.

New born foal dropped too soon, weaned on a bottle from Joe’s warm heart. Little cowboy took the parental role since mama gave her all.…. Cold snap.

Henry on the corner runs for warm cover from the bus stop as daylight could not be sooner. …. Cold snap.

When we were younger, inside blanket forts over the kitchen table, and footed pajamas zipped tight. Playing cowboys and Indians. Crackling fire rocking chair, Silent nite nite prayers……. Cold snap.

f.messina 11.1.15

Every Birth (with words)


11988250_671457446323604_4948547872659927683_nthis was chalked on the sidewalk right in front of my own two eyes . Sometime when creativity is happening in front of you.. you don’t sometimes get the magnitude of what is happening.. now. sitting here seeing this…. I am brought to tears… seeing the magnitude of it again…..This is why I love art so much……… but I love the artist more.. for that is “one” man. that refuses to NOT be victimized..and moves forward.. instead of being “passive” and letting the world dictate your days.. and smother your dreams…. this inspires me to keep reaching for my dreams…..couldn’t sleep until I pushed this out….. Every Birth …with words

(inspired by a street chalk drawing called “Every Birth” by Carlos Castillo Galindo)

Every Birth (with words) is a river ever flowing shining down on you and I
giving life to those untried souls and passengers of hope searching for peace, trolling for ancestors on the shores of the past are you going to dock, and let them in? maybe wave as you skimmer down the current?. mothers and fathers gave their all to be floating in space their souls outnumber their warnings beware or take care, both are shouted to newborns when ripples of boats, crash to the shore, returning to vessels with twice the wave’s roar giving the love, yet with stern paddling strides give honor to those that never drown for fighting the tides is what must be done in tides there is wreckage yet also the means to gather the salvageable human or beings then life can continue over the horizon beyond the other mountain our brains can handle the weight of our gains as a people we awaken as men we learn to swallow our prides when peace together can be won… quicker as one.

Every Birth (with words) found me writing from a painting now gone. Washed down the city’s drains, yet forever implanted in my brain.. . thank you Carlos!


at 3:21 am.


if I told you the last thing i loved was your dark brown eyes, and shining black hair. If I said the last words were … see you in the morning. If life gave me comfort, and death gave me peace, then all the lovers I’ve known have never tried the least to make me whole.Under-linings of love leave traces of desire.just because he is there does that mean that she’s done.In all the worlds of Faulkner’s lines, if Faralenghetti came down from the cross and Georgia o’keeffe actually stayed the night under one cactus bloom. Then Dylan would lay in the bed till morn, lay lady lay would not have to be scorned. Hendrix would cry over his strums of weeping, Elton would never know the meaning of sleeping. For as the final curtain is drawn, we will all be with Elvis, and Michael, Johnny, Whitney,and Frank..Songs sung blue will still be blue. as a whiter shade of pale will darken the night. When Kerouac stops and sleeps in the car, don’t we all know that time will ask for more.. So never lay still, always move forward, where dragons stand guard over blue still waters. One man in a fix., dragonflies still flicker. The only thing I’ve learned is to be kind to one another. Golden rays of light and ruin, give me wonder if I should go on.

f.messina 9.22.15