Paper and Pen

I know it's been a while, but here I am again trading my complacency for my paper and pen. Why do things, and thoughts come with more ease? All my feelings I show when I am holding you in my hands. One of the better things I have known. A scratch pad filled with memories,... Continue Reading →


Morning Memory

When he came to, he didn't recognize any other of the landscape that surrounded him. The grass was much greener, the trees much taller, and the sky's blue was a turquoise unlike any he had ever seen.  The breeze was as cold as any, and he could not remember why he had worn a t-shirt,... Continue Reading →

lady in low regard

lady in low regard!, can you see what you have not? If there is a God, if there is a deity? If the power of love has the power it claims?. Then Woman in scorn, and woman in pain.... will wake up, look up, toughen up, and know, that the morning sun is waiting for... Continue Reading →

Running Through the Corn

I used to capture dragonflies, carefully securing thread to their midsection without harming them. Tie one to each finger, and pretend they were my own private jet force. Nature's planes. All flying in different directions. Usually causing me to let out a periodic yelp and scream of surprise when one would wildly hit me in... Continue Reading →

Susan goes to the Circus

She knows how far the chairs will stack up. She knows when the clown will stick his foot in the bucket. The tightrope can shake, the poodle does tricks. When the big-top goes up, Susan cries just a bit. Chipmunks and Elephants, Zebras and Snakes. They all know the little girl who has come to... Continue Reading →

Intro to me

When the attraction began I am not clear. The warm soapy water went on smooth. My fingertips help all the wonder of what was on the other side. You were my hero. You treated me as if I were a prize to be won. All the negatives were directed towards you. All my hopes and... Continue Reading →

Manna for Jennifer

Red Red Umbrella. She goes outside to pick up pieces of rain for her scrapbook. Memory traces of thoughts too loud, in her Grandmother's cold room. Intoxicating dance in yellow galoshes. Just a child on a sidewalk sea. She sees rose petal ships, with grasshopper captains with pine straw oars. One candy wrapper barge with... Continue Reading →

Harvest From Me

I've gone to the harvest, and what I've found is the rest of the crop,lying on the ground. The farmers have come,never really slept. Us workers gave thanks,then we wept. The raped land now sits in shambles,growth gives way to death of amber greens. The main part given away. Taken to tables for children to... Continue Reading →

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