Your friends stand by you no matter which way the wind is blowing. Character is having emotional integrity in what you say and do and the confidences you keep, not just saying and doing what serves you best. It's also not judging others based on someone else's opinion, but having a mind of your own. [...]


I spent a lot of time as a kid building small houses in trees,or blanket barricades under the kitchen table. I created temporary spaces,and tried to make them work. I still do. My spaces are open to all who want to grow and self-educate. Apartment E is an all-inclusive collective. We want to take up [...]

“there are leaders of men among us everyday…most times they are not behind a pulpit … most times they are building one.”


by the way these hands are of special note to me.. they are the hands of an artist friend of mine that passed away about a year ago... I took this as we were finishing a show one night.. HE actually showed up to the opening this dirty.. I loved it.. it showed he was [...]

Megan’s Hands

heart strains, blood stains, blue blooded family strains, lover's pains, and future wains, sticking in my brain are reason's why Megan's hands are stained... paint stains where she painted alone, where no one knows the pain involved. The finished painting we may never see, yet the stains will remain for all to see., Washed off [...]


peaceful passing again, and all you can say is brrrr brrrrr brrrrr. nice. I'm outta here... The moth reflection of yourself has no tools you can use, no colors to add,no lessons to teach. Some people have to be let go, just like things. They are not yours anymore. 5.17.17

compassionate impasse

'that time I painted the sun and burned up all the things and people who ever mattered the most to me. someone once called me a "compassionate impasse", learning what that meant.. 10 years later.. no one knows you like you know you, others only guess in order to move forward.. or to set you [...]

Paper and Pen

I know it's been a while, but here I am again trading my complacency for my paper and pen. Why do things, and thoughts come with more ease? All my feelings I show when I am holding you in my hands. One of the better things I have known. A scratch pad filled with memories, [...]

Morning Memory

When he came to, he didn't recognize any other of the landscape that surrounded him. The grass was much greener, the trees much taller, and the sky's blue was a turquoise unlike any he had ever seen.  The breeze was as cold as any, and he could not remember why he had worn a t-shirt, [...]

lady in low regard

lady in low regard!, can you see what you have not? If there is a God, if there is a deity? If the power of love has the power it claims?. Then Woman in scorn, and woman in pain.... will wake up, look up, toughen up, and know, that the morning sun is waiting for [...]

Running Through the Corn

I used to capture dragonflies, carefully securing thread to their midsection without harming them. Tie one to each finger, and pretend they were my own private jet force. Nature's planes. All flying in different directions. Usually causing me to let out a periodic yelp and scream of surprise when one would wildly hit me in [...]

Susan goes to the Circus

She knows how far the chairs will stack up. She knows when the clown will stick his foot in the bucket. The tightrope can shake, the poodle does tricks. When the big-top goes up, Susan cries just a bit. Chipmunks and Elephants, Zebras and Snakes. They all know the little girl who has come to [...]