alone for now

You deserve to be loved. No matter what comparisons to other’s relationships you may put on yourself. Paying no mind to your decided short-comings or attachment to your single-ness, which you have comfortably relabeled as loneliness. You are perfect, just the way you are. If you are alone at the moment, this is the state you are supposed to be in for now. You are still a student of life, and another person would hinder that. No one can walk into your life and make you anything that you are not already. Setting up house, sharing the bills, the strife, the day to day grind is easier with someone. Yet, there is something to be said for living alone. Have patience, is what others say. The right one will come along. There is a time to have peace with that. Do not interpret this time, as you are missing out!. There is someone out there thinking they are missing out too.. When these two “sparks” of people,become full with self contentment. When the mirror is their friend. When cooking for one produces an award winning recipe. When these two paths meet, which they will. The union will be right. Two hearts brought together is a special thing. One heart, “yours” when it is so full of love for self, it will let you know when to connect and give to another. Never believe that you do not deserve to be loved. We all are made from love, creating it to give to others is the natural thing to do. it will happen. f.messina 7.5.22 



We are all being reset, by powers larger than us. If you are Christian, then you know who it is. IF YOU believe in other powers larger than you, they are asking for you to trust, their love for you. If you dont believe in anything but you, then believe yourself 100 percent,that the test we are being given, is truth looking in a mirror. , love being spread to those that want it. Souls being filled with, you., ,You are that special mixture you are searching for. It was in you all the while., here is the time to accept it, and move into position for your purpose. Your destiny.


so if about the only thing that can destroy this king of nature is a huge crack of lighting, and this tree has been standing tall, and strong way before me, and will be here standing tall after me. after my “short” life. then today, to make my stand, I think I will BE the.. lighting. This is how powerful I want to be today. Lighting. The power of you, is in all of us. Only one you. The choice to use that power is only in you. YOU are all the power you need. No one owns it but you. Silence that negative voice holding you back from releasing your power. now. Be the lighting, today.

f.messina 7.2.21


just had an epiphany somewhere in-between and around listening to  all the incarnations of music  local disks, reading through some older friend’s poetry, delving my eyes onto my walls that are packed with local artwork, much of what is just on loan from artists, not picking up their works. so I get to enjoy them a little longer), and my mind went to a very peaceful place. .I thought this. Look at all this beauty I have surrounded myself with. Then I thought of what negativity the world is throwing out right now.. Much more than that, the un-kindness ( are we this shallow and weak and mean. really.. ?) I for one.. am not… I will not allow myself to follow suit….. ( down to wherever.)….. thank you to all the creatives that have packed “love” in my direction, through their artistic endeavors… to form me, to prepare me, to teach me always… there is more to celebrate when self is shared. Love a local and their creations when at all possible!. These are your angels set here to nurture your spirit..(We have so many here) . it’s not just another CD,or some paint on a canvas or words in a row . .. it is someone’s heart digitized, soaked in, pushed across.. … and this is something to be celebrated not be-rated… all these things sight,and sounds, are your tools to use and ingest to become kinder to ourselves first then to each other.


summer of reflection for us to honor those gone from senseless acts of violence and hate….. caring, healing, planning, remembering, appreciating, building, celebrating our lives together, and alone on how precious it is to be alive…. sitting still in saddness, yet standing tall in pride for our city beautiful….. breathing, focusing, and living “with” love,time,community, and peace. Harvesting it all, and this local crop of “us” is so gorgeous… so proud of everyone. so damned proud. Harvest! Fall 2016…stay tuned.thank you.


I am old enough to remember a time before integration of schools. I remember when the buses would not carry black and whites together on the same bus to school. I remember seeing a sign on my grandmother’s grocery store/juke joint that read “white in front, black in rear”. I remember the picnic table outside in back, under a large tree, that the black men had to drink their purchases at. Not allowed inside. I would sit out with them, and laugh at their jokes, till I got snatched away to go home. I remember, the first day of public school, when it was my first time going to school with a black person. I remember , myself and Robert Greene, had a fight, not started over our difference in color. Yet, Because:, he asked me “white boy?”. Why are you wearing those funny shorts.? Shorts my mom had made for me. I told him, I didn’t want to fight, for Mama had told me that animals fight, and people had words and minds, where they could talk things out, and not fight. I remember getting slapped, and still not fighting back. I remember, the day I became the first white student body president at an 80 % black high school. I remember the joy I had in thinking I was on the verge of this new wave of unity in the world, where everyone was able to look past color, and get along. I remember thinking that when someone says, “I’m not prejudice, “ I have a lot of black friends”. Really means that they are still prejudice, for they had to point that out. I have always just had “friends”. I remember the years that have gone by with ALL my friends, all my laughs, all my conversations, all my art shows, all my music nights, all my sharing hurts, tragedies, successes. I remember then seeing those in the world, spitting out hateful rhetoric against others, and I remember thinking that the world is in reverse with unity, love for all, and a sense of freedom. I am not remembering now, I am thinking that in order for all to be free, we all must be free. I read from Maya Angelou, that wouldn’t it be nice when that day comes that We can teach freedom for all “from the same book”.. I hold hope for that. I hold this beautiful innocent child, in MY arms also tonight. This innocent child, did not ask for your lesson of division. This baby just asked for love. I believe if the entire world held this baby in their arms tonight.Then freedom would be something that we would never have to celebrate again. We could just celebrate FREE “love”… free “ peace”.. free “happiness” for all. Is it really that hard to remember to be one human family? Happy Juneteenth! Friends. I love you.

F.messina (Junteenth eve.2022)





little did they know of each other and much more was revealed then things got weirdly familiar when it came into view not sure of what had happened they would visit back often to find strangers in the places they had left their hearts nearly grabbing the same hand but missing eternity for inside true romance resides.

look up sometime

looking up in wonder of who gave us this. the spaces to soar while ground plants bottomed out unmovable parts of man and earth forever one. Skies are dancing in every moment revolving yet most times no one sees what sits north of our phones. outside our mind and our world sitting perched within our hands. scrolling past letters, and lights of infra and radio. real life clouds and angels are having a garden tea party this morning. and you are missing it. look up sometime. why don’t you?
(c) f.messina 6.1019

Birthday wishes gratitude

Speechless over all the messages of love. I Hit my restart button this week,with nothing short of gratitude and humbleness at my favorite spot for the . We , all of us, have breath, this moment to be positive or negative. TO be a force of kindness,or something less than that. Center yourself. Really center yourself at all cost,however you need to do it. . YOU are destined for happiness, you are here for a reason. I REFUSE to follow any one, any thing, any action, any idea, any AGENDA, or any greedy motive. IF I AM NOT invested in knowing it will make ME a little closer to the WHY i am still here. And… as long as i am here. I WILL be GRATEFUL for every waking moment. I HONOR the gift of all your friendships,near and far, past and present. WHEW, how the good times and memories flood me! Thank you for taking a moment out of your time to wish me well this week. Peace and love,everyone. Be kind to everyone you meet, push others Up not down. Thanks…, just me.

still wet

by the way these hands are of special note to me.. they are the hands of an artist friend of mine that passed away about a year ago… I took this as we were finishing a show one night.. HE actually showed up to the opening this dirty.. I loved it.. it showed he was real.. a REAL artist.. still stinky, dirty, and wet with paint from new projects when he was having works at my show….. I felt like I was in the moment with him. that moment of “creating” that moment I preach about…………. “all that is not given,is lost”…. I was in the middle of it…. it was heaven. f.messina 5.28.17