tin roof

the winds are thumping the tin roof so softly the kettle purrs back its soft refrain hiss of calm and all I can do is wonder if you are safe tonight safe in the arms of someone who held you as tight as I if those arms are not in place and if the calm is not on your face then maybe we could take the place of those wanting arms who have lost their place replaced by others who have no clue of the love you are needing and the love I need from you. if only the winds could push my time back to where your love was mine if only the truth that i saw in your eyes would return in the touch of your smile I wish I never never said goodbye I hope to survive long enough to see the return of your love through another’s eyes..


a lot of people appear to be alive but their eyes are dead, makes me wonder what made their heart so cold to reflect that nothingness. sad really. Says a lot about my own peepers. I am working on it. my happiness that is. wonder if this is the reason that a lot of people wear sunglasses inside places. to hide their eyes. and just when I want to take a poll with this new found eye discovery, everyone is only looking down, searching for happiness not within their hearts, but into their phones.

7 year war

As we travel along life’s paths.
Sometimes we don’t look left or right, or over our shoulder.
We carry on with our journey,and travel with our innocence.
How can the crossing of bullets fall. The injury.
The injury which has already been experienced?
A struggle for survival, a struggle for peace.
Innocence lost. Inner war raging.
Can our innocence be lost, or will it prevail?
Innocence passes through the inner struggle.
Our innocence can be leveled by the struggle that
we let pass between the demons.
Cowboys and Indians, guns and glory.
The beauty of the world, and innocence lost.
It’s always been found in all things.
In what time will you find it.
At what time will you claim it.
When will you be it.
f.messina 9.15.17

razor’s edge

When love packs you in like snow from Northern skies, your heart intertwines with those that survive your smothering. Distant bells chime names of those thrown into the light from other’s darkness. We don’t have all the answers, we are not supposed to. Flowing on that fine razor’s edge, we balance the will be, with the should’ve been. Each morn we wake feeling heavier to the ground, yet our minds grab currents of winds way up high. Knowing when to speak, when the truth is hiding, finding the meaning that we believe, as long as we are still trying. Holding on to faith, as a blind man trusting his way, giving love as a child who believes his heart will always lead the day.

f.messina ( Christmas 2017)


Everyone has ideas. Everyone chooses to share them with others or not. Those that keep their ideas to themselves, better their lives if they are good ideas, or sometimes harms themselves for they acted upon the bad ideas. Those that share their ideas with others as a result directly either help or harm others. Basically, I see it as this. It’s your choice to be a good person with a good or bad idea, a bad person with a good or bad idea, a person that shares your ideas with no one for you want to be the best person you are, and that is fine. Others choose to share their ideas to impact their community. Both of these choices are yours. Both are positive, and affirmative. Your ideas are internal gifts for yourself and/or others. Be involved with others, be engaging and fearless in your approach to your daily life. We only get one life to enjoy. Everyone is different. We all make choices daily to live fully or not. We all make choices to escape, relax, or negate living on purpose daily. I wish you full life,daily. There are struggles, but you are built with the tools and strength to overcome them. Keep the faith that you are holding a mixture of power that only you can unlock. Each morning be grateful for life itself.
f.messina 11.6.17

Solar Eclipse – august 21st,2017

hoping on the 21st as the entire world is looking up at the grandeur of our universe, that many will also look down deep and within our world,and make some changes.  realize how small many are acting in comparison to the grand scheme of our life’s purpose, and realize that our small window to make a difference in the world is just that, and then do what we can do to the best of our abilities to leave the world better than we found it. …… kindness for one another is not lost in my corner of the world this morning,and I am not wearing blinders to the overt racism, hatred for others, and devalued treasure of other’s lives. I am just remaining hopeful for all the children heading back to our diverse American schools where unity is around every corner. Where they are friends with “everyone.” I hope that they ( the children) can turn off the TV long enough in these times to realize that their futures together,do not have to mirror,and build on hateful actions and thoughts to learn and grow up as productive citizens. Is this the world we are leaving to our children.


Your friends stand by you no matter which way the wind is blowing. Character is having emotional integrity in what you say and do and the confidences you keep, not just saying and doing what serves you best. It’s also not judging others based on someone else’s opinion, but having a mind of your own. When you act with heart and integrity, in the end, you attract people who do the same….. hope for Peace may seem dim at times, but we must keep the faith, in the little things we can control in the world.. “our minds”


I spent a lot of time as a kid building small houses in trees,or blanket barricades under the kitchen table. I created temporary spaces,and tried to make them work. I still do. My spaces are open to all who want to grow and self-educate. Apartment E is an all-inclusive collective. We want to take up space, to make ourselves visible. I like to support community spaces that bring together and support creative people, highlighting our cultural richness, individual heritages,social activism,community empathy, and altruism through art, books, performance, and music. I am grateful for all the support in my efforts in the last 24 plus years. Man working alone makes a mark, humans collaborating together make a masterpiece.


by the way these hands are of special note to me.. they are the hands of an artist friend of mine that passed away about a year ago… I took this as we were finishing a show one night.. HE actually showed up to the opening this dirty.. I loved it.. it showed he was real.. a REAL artist.. still stinky, dirty, and wet with paint from new projects when he was having works at my show….. I felt like I was in the moment with him. that moment of “creating” that moment I preach about…………. “all that is not given,is lost”…. I was in the middle of it…. it was heaven.



Megan’s Hands

heart strains, blood stains, blue blooded family strains, lover’s pains, and future wains, sticking in my brain are reason’s why Megan’s hands are stained… paint stains where she painted alone, where no one knows the pain involved. The finished painting we may never see, yet the stains will remain for all to see., Washed off from this woman’s emotional state, for when the white canvas gives in to blue, orange, yellow, green, and magenta’s mixture. Life can go on, on paper, as a document to Megan’s moment when the best of it was left in a frame, the rest is washed away down the drain……… lucky tank. f.messina 5.29.17