peaceful passing again, and all you can say is brrrr brrrrr brrrrr. nice. I’m outta here… The moth reflection of yourself has no tools you can use, no colors to add,no lessons to teach. Some people have to be let go, just like things. They are not yours anymore. f.messina 5.17.17

I don’t want to blow up

Seems like most people are so occupied about blowing up and becoming huge that they forget about being in the moment. I don’t want to blow up. When things blow up….. they disappear. I have found that I am happiest, when my fires are burning just hot enough to push the closest people around me to higher-safer ground. f.messina 4.27.15

Morgan Steele. RIP.

I can name 6-7 people that made me see Orlando as a real art community when I landed here in the early 90’s..and made me want to stay to see more grow…… through the dark corners, hot warehouses, foamy crappy beer, smokey clubs,risky art shows, no good lighting ,no good sound, new bands flat out playing to no one, or getting lifted off the floor by a crushing crowd rushing the stage to a packed house. … there is a unique one missing, that was always in the corner with his sketchpad or the nearest bar napkin..Morgan Steele, acted like he didn’t give a crap about anything,only to make you work harder , but deep down cared more than anyone in the room cuz he knew we were all creating something new. Bored always with niceness, or pretentiousness, yet one of the smartest most beautiful creators I think I have ever met….or ever will….. this is not fair, and unbelievable. Wake me when 2016 has moved on to others.. we have had enough. Take care of yourselves. no one is alone tonight with this tragedy. no one, that knew the greatness that was Morgan.


it’s simple really, if you don’t send your heart felt message to others (through words, actions, art, music, friendship, love, care,compassion,or empathy), they may never receive it, and that would be a crime for we all have things to share that only you were given. Only you can let shine, Only you can direct to where it needs to be. .

brings me home

Every day brings me home in this mind and body, with all it’s flaws. Each day, my breath however labored, still keeps me yearning. My mind pondering on fine details, adds to our house together. People pass through, some move on to higher places, others move on and away from us on this plain. You and I dwell together at times in the same house of sorts. We end up being in the unfinished house of the now. The joy is in the building. I am grateful for all that have given Apartment E fuel, and for all the incredible memories that are planted into my heart forever. Love abides where open hearts thrive. It’s pretty hard work building simplicity with style. This is where “new” growth is planted. New friendships, new connections, when self awareness and inner desires are heard with the most clarity . Arts and Music voiced with grace. This is what I hope my project has fertilized. It’s all I have ever wanted for it really. Mission accomplished. thank you. 4.17.17

Hello Reflection, My Ole friend

Hello Reflection, My Ole friend.

You say you are lonely, you say you are blue, you say your best times have blown through with the Florida winds on crisp morning’s dew.

Maybe doubts of reaching fresh dreams, have overcome your thoughts of growing closer to turning that stone over, showing yourself the new.

Let me remind you, my reflection, my ole friend.

You are unique, you are inspiring, you have a treasure the young do not. When you move, truth is all people see. You are on a journey of discovery still. Remember the rich nights, and all those poor mornings.

You are determined gold, and you are rooted infinity. You are what winds whisper to fellow breezes, when they are the only ones rushing the hill.

You are that ripple on the shore, you are that crackling in the forest of ice encased leaves. You leave shadows on places, that long for your return, for they know this is not your last pass near the garden gates.

You give nightbird’s songs the sweet tune of forever. Do not allow anyone to take your struggles from your tightened grasp. Be Bolder. You say, “no!”. “These are mine”. Wait for your own. This is my moment of real learning. Don’t disturb my pain and I, now that we got here first. It’s the next thing that’s all mine. Alone. My tasks in time, is set for my mind. My happiness is there, my joy still abundant, my body still able. I see you, reflection of joy to still come out and play.

I see you.

Hello Reflection, My Ole friend.


fearless…. innocence is…. you might not know what it is yet, you might not understand how to do it at the moment, but you let it in and accept it anyway. For you know that it is good, you know that it is love, you know that it is the natural plan that is set for us. All the good things in life are presented to us, it is our fear that blocks them from changing us for the better.  Stay innocent and learn new things. It is the only way we grow.                                                                f.messina 4.11.13

a memory

The moment in 1995 I knew ARTS and creating experiences made me happy, and I knew from there forward I would do all I could do as one person to show others how to be happy and feel content with an art life as a key to a purposeful life as a creative. To never feel like their voice is mute, or their heart is not needed. That their presence is not wanted. Their passion not wasted.

For Terri

For Terri.

Sky’s haze hue in eyes forever true, as rain falls in soft waves, in night’s fog, hugging praise. Morning birds find crumbs on other’s porches, yet feast under the light from gentle singer’s torches. When the world may stop spinning, the universe will still be reeling, with hands that write the stories, with melodies that tell life’s glory. With love that lives forever, and travels undone, that gives Angels reason to keep flying.

Some humans don’t notice, the mission of grand purpose. Each of us are in luck, that this friend circled our path, drove down our road, stopped at the garden gate, and sowed seeds of faith in us all. .

4.8.22 happy birthday friend.

Brian Blair.

I have never written a thing about a friend of mine that formed me in ways that are still a part of me in so many ways.. his name was Brian Blair… an incomparable piano player.. not just a great piano player. he was the piano. In all it’s glory.. it’s classic, 1940’s glamor. The piano that you hear playing and you know Bernstein, Porter, Bach , to Charles and Domino all jumped to attention and said.. “there’s Brian!” followed by “that boy can play!”.. So he and I used to sit on his piano bench at all the southern socialite events.. both in tuxes. He the musician, and entertainer,me as the sidekick friend that fed him lines, That lined up the right people in the front of the piano for Brian’s ultimate (they thought) surprise moments of pure piano bliss that filled each home, out to the grand porch with the traditional columns , to the streets where neighbors would want to call the cops from the noise ordinance past ten, but would be so enthralled with the talent, they would soon be in the kitchen having coffee in their pj’s and robes….. begging for one more song from Brian, and his magic piano velvet-ness…………. So back to the story………………. no wait……….. I think you understand……………….. Brian Blair. gone…….. we lost a great man……. he left me with knowing that he was the most talented musician I may ever know…… some of you got a chance to meet him……. and I am happy about that.. One night Brian looked at me and said.. hey “what are you doing?” I was thrown a back.. but then I soon understood.. He was asking and pushing me out of the comfort of his “talent”..he asked me to move on… knowing we would be apart. but knowing it was the right thing to do.. He made me ME. here in Orlando… Brian died a few years ago.. from a brain disease he had as a child.. A genius he was with that lurking in his brain.. I can not believe he is gone……… He is.. .. He WAS the first performer at apartment E………. and if you want to read more about it all .. please go read the story of apartment e at my website..………. thank you…….. I loved him….. I miss him…….. as I love you all… all you creatives…….. please understand. “all that is not given, is lost: is not only a cute saying………. it is in my heart, and memory………. do you.. please……….. do you…. peace.. ,frankie