Sacred contract

My new chapter will be my best chapter. We are all our own leaders, with our own minds,our own passions,our own stories,our own truth. Your story is a sacred contract to yourself. A gift received preventing others the ability to decide your happiness,your life,your purpose,your destiny. Share your story. Today.


An interpretation on canvas. the thunder of symphonic percussion. harmonious blending of the chorus. the flawless performance of ballet.the masks of comedy and tragedy coming alive.the diva, the lead,the soloist, the artist…. the quaility of life enriched.

cushions of life

silent for now waiting breathing wondering if the cushions will bounce the strings in time with my heart and echo the memory long enough to announce elders to the table of life leaving ghosts embraced and perched on ledges long enough to bust the normal soul into enough pieces to form long lines at the learning curve. pianos hold many secrets. man keeps trying to discover their meanings through song. time to play, been dancing around the work procrastinating long two one two three four. f.messina 1.19.15

Happy Day Dr. King

happy Day Dr. King! Only some of your wise words. Had not remembered this one, but truly try to live by it. This includes the homeless, the hurting, those held captive to situations they find themselves in when they are made to feel less. Those that pass from this life, are remembered for what they did, what they said, who they impacted, how they loved, and the difference they tried to create before their light blows out from site. I am a child of the sixties…. wonder sometimes if we are going forward, or backwards. We all do what we can, at other times I believe we can do more. Everyone adding GOOD, accounts for good gaining the upper hand. I choose to have faith in that outcome.

be fearless

“never underestimate that there is an honest truth that is creativity, and in that creativity there lies constant happiness and pain of self ; life and death of ideas in every moment. Moments that can not be brought back. Be fearless, move forward at all cost.” f.messina 1.18.15

when you go back

sometimes when I look back on a time, I question if that time and place has wondered where I have been so long. Did the trees not grow any taller, or maybe the stream stood still since then.. No clay banks fell into the sides leaving larger barriers for tadpoles to grow. Seems when you go back everything seems smaller, that field of green between the two woods once was a good run, and then some more till you couldn’t run no more. Now there is only a small patch of field, and walking gets you to the big oak in the same time as the running did. Place holds space one time only, and for those that stop and reverse to finish that game of turning round . That play as child, that session of innocence lost. Find themselves orphaned from it all. Foreign to love requited, Immigrants by force to find time in new lands, new spaces of rest. f.messina 1.18.20


(one man gave it all…. so we could all be free.) .. thank you Dr. Martin Luther King!..Happy to have been born in the sixties, when you gave your energy and life to see needed changes in my world. It was amazing to experience and view as a child the images on TV from my small corner. Back then it was cool living to see my world go from black or white, to black and white, and all the colors in between… and then in the seventies, because of you, experiencing all the people around me using different strokes from A-Z, using an open palette of choices to paint any picture they wanted to, with any color. You gave me a lesson in acceptance that would not have come from any book. All respect and love to your hard work and sacrifice! My world is a more beautiful place because you came before me. thank you Dr. King you were a great American, and a blessed peacemaker Happy Day indeed.! .f. messina 1.21.13

true friends

love when ignored will run and hide with a stiff upper lip and a heart grabbing to subside into hate. Morning comes to tell the doorman to let me in so we can together heal the mistresses leaking heart with a nice buffet of care. sometimes the butler over sleeps and the maid forgets to make the bed. but the cook knew that you stayed out too late, the lady next door who gets up early to bake, and the butcher has already feed the dog. THEY know where you are at, they know where you have been. they will be the ones that will be there when you fall. Tell you to drink the water, and hold you up till you can stall . the hurts you will see in the morning. the people who will remember your name. are the ones’ that saw your weakness the ones that gave you NO name. . these are your friends… never let them go,….. (c) frankie messina 1.17.20

blanket barricades

I spent a lot of time as a child, building small houses in trees, or blanket barricades under the kitchen table. We really want to take up space, to make ourselves visible. yet hide under shadows of solitude and hurt. Man working alone makes a mark, many collaborating make a masterpiece. Blanket barricades never barred yet snagged the wing within that captured inspiring hopes of freedom.